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And the Halloween winners are...

Discover the 3 best Halloween weapons

After 486 votes, we can finally announce the 3 best Halloween weapons.

The top three will receive their choice of the limited edition Halloween weapon variant.

On first position, with 141 votes, we have Calden's Citrouillator 3000.

His weapon generates an intense plasma-pumpkin juice that gets fired at enemies.

20121121 - Halloween UGC 1

On second position, with 78 votes, from the SSP clan, behold... the sspineless.


With a bone structure for better resistance and finger bones bullets for better penetration, it is the ultimate Assault weapon.

An added spiked mace will provide all you need for close-and-silent-and-bloody combat.

20121121 - Halloween UGC 2


On third position, with 77 votes, from Tsapas, we present the MP5 Halloween variant.
With a rotten candy launcher, silver bullets and knife-mounted clips for deadly reloading skills, this weapon will fend off opponents/undead guys/whatnot.


20121121 - Halloween UGC 3

You may find all chosen creations on our forum here!

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