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Developer Q&A - Clans

Our GRO Team answers your questions about Clans in this Developer Q&A

We recently asked players to share their feedback regarding Phase 1 of Clans. Based on your responses, we compiled a list of questions and concerns with the current or planned features and shared them with the Ghost Recon Online development team. Read below for their answers! 

Why was the Clan Tag limited to three characters [as opposed to four or five]? 

This was a design decision based on what we felt was a good balance between having a unique tag and keeping the overall length of character names to a readable limit. In order to ensure you can be unique, Clan tags are caps sensitive and support a wide range of characters. 

Are there any plans to implement more choices into to the Clan Crest creator? 

We've received a lot of feedback regarding Clan Crest customization and the desire to see more choices and variety [we are listening!]. We do have more options planed; unfortunately, we do not have an ETA for when they will be implemented. 

Why was the Clan size limited to 50 players? Is there any chance this number could be increased? 

The present limit on Clan sizes was a design choice based on what we thought was reasonable in terms of current player activity. We felt a max of 50 players was a good starting number, but this doesn’t mean we won’t consider increasing the max number based on player or Clan needs.

Are there any plans to implement an in-game Clan chat channel, or improve communication between Clan members while play? 

Yes! We plan to implement more clan channels, in the lobby later for better communication and socialization. With the Clan Match feature all members of a Squad will be in the same Clan, so will be able to communicate within the existing channels. We do not have a separate Clan Channel in the match in order to encourage Fireteams and Squads to coordinate and play together, regardless of their Clan affiliation. 

Are there any plans to add more Ranks, or for a Commander to add/eliminate certain Officer Permissions? 

Ultimately, we would like to allow Clan Commanders to define custom ranks within a clan and assign them appropriate permissions. In order to release a working version of Clans as soon as possible, this was delayed but could very well make an appearance in the future. 

Will it be limited to 4v4 like Fireteams are right, or will we see true 8v8 Clan Matches? 

When we implement Clan vs. Clan matches, players will be able to organize and play with a full squad of eight members from the same Clan. 

Are there going to be special rules/restrictions for Ranked Matches? 

We will have a few restrictions in order to provide fair matches in terms of Clan Rank, and to prevent players from abusing the system. More specific rules and restrictions for the Clan Ranked matches will be coming soon! 

How will Clan Progression work? 

Initially, Clan progression will be done via the Clan Leaderboard. Depending on the Ranked Clan Match result, clans will earn a score that determines their rank on the Clan Leaderboard. We have many other ideas for Clan Progression in the future, but would like to hear what you want as well!

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