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Patch 10.0 Moved

Theo Sanders shares more insights on patch 0.10.0 and beyond.

Hello everyone,

With 2013 upon us, it’s a great time to talk about where we’re planning to take GRO this year.

But first, an update on 0.10.0: It was scheduled to go live this week, but we discovered two issues on our “staging servers” (basically a close replica of the live servers, where versions of the game go right before release). In order to properly test the fixes we’re pushing back the release date, by one week, to January 23rd. I know most players are looking forward to the next release as much as I am.

To hold you over in the meantime – here's a coupon for you to redeem in the store for a 1 Day XP/RP boost available from Wednesday the 16th of January after the maintenance:



Maintenance tomorrow (January 16th) from 

5h00-7h30 UK time

6h00 - 8h30 CET

Now on to the fun stuff! GRO in 2013. Here are the main themes that I would love to get your feedback on, so that we can chart the right course for the game together.

Building a Competitive Framework

Playing GRO as a team is about cooperating and communicating, which makes defeating balanced opponents  a lot of fun.

But beyond your fireteam, you only have a limited ability to influence having a great match. I see it all the time myself: I’ll have a few great games in a row, but then one where I feel like giving my teammates a little shove off the top of Korolyov Towers.

I see clans as a basic building block for building something much bigger: A competitive framework with structure, goals, rewards, rules, recognition, and a shared sense of accomplishment. The custom clan matches in 10.0 are just the beginning.

There are many ways to build a framework around competitive teamplay – and ideas are always welcome – but the key is making a system that is meaningful and rewarding for both hardcore and more casual players.

System Performance & Network

We’ve fixed dozens of compatibility and specific performance issues before and after launch, but with a platform as wide open as PC, we know we still have more to hunt down. We’ve put tools in place to help us debug specific hardware problems and have several engineers dedicated to pushing up frame rates across a range of support specs.

Likewise, we’re focusing on fixing some remaining issues related to latency while at the same time investing in more servers for a patch after 10.0 (probably 10.1).


Overall, matchmaking has improved. We’re down to an average search time of 90 seconds (30 away from our goal). However pockets of players, who by virtue of geography, abnormally high or low skill, or playing during off-peak hours still have long wait times. Rest assured – we are exploring ways of making matchmaking more robust to accommodate these groups that will inevitably exist.

Content & Gameplay

I won’t go into details here, since this is meant to be a one-year view of the game, but we do recognize that there are some issues remaining with both game mechanics and specific items that we will need to address and some of these fixes are already coming in 10.0.

You Tell Us

The great thing about an online game is that not all the ideas need to come from our dev team. In your opinion, does GRO need more ponies and unicorns? New animations?  New ways of playing? Asynchronous challenges? More hats? Something else?

Tell us! We’re listening.


Theo Sanders

aka “temasek” (North America)

aka “squirk” (Europe)

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