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Clan Match

We’re proud to announce that Game Update 0.10.0 will introduce unranked Clan vs. Clan matchmaking.
We’re proud to announce that Game Update 0.10.0 will introduce unranked Clan vs. Clan matchmaking. This addition to the game is considered to be phase-2 of our GRO Clan development plan. In future updates we will introduce more competitive/ranked play features.

With clan matchmaking, you will now be able to settle rivalries with enemy clans face-to-face, by inviting them to battle against you on maps of your choice. In these unranked clan matches, you can create teams with at least four members per team. We've also added a "match rejoin" feature which will enable you to re-enter an ongoing match. While there won't be Clan vs. Clan leaderboards in this patch, you will still earn weapon proficiency points and partial XP and RP as rewards for completing a clan match.

Read below for more information about this new feature and get ready to bring the battle to your rivals.

Clan Match Selection
After joining or creating a clan, the clan match settings will be unlocked in your lobby menu. 


Creating a clan match
When setting up a clan match, you'll be able to choose the map you want to play.


Before a match can begin, you must invite members from your clan and the opposing clan to join your match. You may choose any individual who belongs to any clan to be your opponent. This in turn allows the person you've chosen to invite people to his or her squad member list. When all match slots are filled and both squad leaders have clicked "ready" the match will commence.


Keep in mind that once the match begins, you may not change the members of your squad or alter any other setting. Advanced preparation of the team and selection of the map is very important.

Should you be disconnected from or quit a clan match you will be allowed to "rejoin" the same match as long as it is still going. Bear in mind that when this happens, your previous scores in the scoreboard will be reset to 0 upon rejoining. If you wish to play in normal matchmaking mode or another clan game, you will have to exit the current match completely.

Chat and other Functional Features
In GRO communication is vital, so clan match chat will be accessible in the channel selections after you enter the squad member selection lobby. As in automated matchmaking, voice chat will be activated once the skirmish begins.

Matches will be unranked in patch 10.0; however, participants will still receive rewards at the end of the match. Weapon Proficiency points and a percentage of XP and RP will be awarded to clan members regardless if the match was won or lost.


The battle starts on 24th January!

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