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Triton Pack: Subpen and Holdout

Check out the complete details on whats new in this patch!


GRO brings you a brand new map, game mode, themed weapons & gear as well as additional clan features!


Ghost Recon Online is proud to present game update 0.10.0. Check out all the new features, including the long-awaited Clan vs. Clan match system.


What better way to prove that your clan is the best than by battling it out in a new map with a brand new game mode? Fight to control a single capture point with the new Holdout mode in a top-secret submarine base. The Balaklava Sub Pen map is now available for clan or regular matches. Find out more about the rules of holdout mode and developer strategies for conquering the sub pen in the links below.


 left     right

                Holdout Mode                                      Balaklava Sub Pen map & strategies                      



Check out our 0.10.0 patch notes to see a detailed list of all the bug fixes and updates requested by the community as well as all known issues.

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