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We would like to present tactiCUPs! A tournament service for Ghost Recon Online organized by gamers for gamers and sponsored by us here at Ubisoft. Their aim is to provide a professional platform for players from both the European and North American servers for them to organize themselves competitively. In the future certain in-game prizes will be given to those who climb up the ladders as well as further surprises yet to come!

Currently the following is being featured within this platform:

  • tactiCups – NightCups Series: Running on Saturdays each week, this double-elimination event is the proving grounds for all clans of all levels.    
  • tactiLeague I: With separate ladders for EU & NA, players are given a web-based approach to play ranked matches as well as tracking their clan's progress. 

For more information check out!  Here you can find a comprehensive FAQ, tutorial videos, and communicate with the contest admin team ready to support the in-game communities!  

tactiCups – working to make sure luck don’t live here!

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