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Updates from Jesse Knapp

Jesse shares some insights on the upcoming store price changes.


Hello Ghost Recon Online!

It’s been about 6 months since the start of Open Beta and in that time we’ve looked at a lot of data, read a lot of forum posts, listened to you talk in game, and even had discussions with some of you(whether you knew it or not).  There have been a ton of really good ideas presented, lots of critical feedback, and even the occasional compliment .  Throughout all of this, one consistent message from many of you has been that high end weapons are just too expensive.

We hear you.

There are other things we’ve observed as well.

A couple of examples: Squad support devices are underutilized(these things are really great, but a LOT of players aren’t taking advantage of them) and Armor Inserts are too expensive & have to be replaced too often

Well, we’re still in Beta, so we’re going to try some changes.  These particular changes are to do with the pricing and availability of items in the Store, both for RP and GC.

We’ve focused on three core goals with these pricing changes: Increase Choice, Provide Value, and Decrease Early Friction

In order to achieve these goals, here are the highlights of the changes we will be trying in 0.10.1:

Armor, Devices, and Squad Support

  • Getting your first Squad Support and your Mk II Device & Armor makes such a difference in how the game plays that we’ve reduced their prices to make these essential tools more readily available to new players coming in. 
  • Utilizing Armor Inserts is an important part of gearing up your Ghost for peak performance, so we’ve reduced the overall cost and frequency with which they need to be replaced.  In fact, you may see your inserts last up to a full day of play or more.
  • High level Armor, high level Devices, high level Squad Support, and Device Upgrades all bring a substantial tactical value for yourself and your team on the battlefield.  To better reflect this value, we’ve increased the prices of these items.


  • Which variant of a weapon you use is a very personal choice and should be one made to fit the way you prefer to play your character.  With that philosophy in mind, ALL weapons within a tier for ALL classes are now the same price.  For example that means all standard variants of all level 10 ARs, LMGs, SGs, SMGs, and SRs now cost the same.
  • The GC prices of high end weapons have been drastically reduced. In fact, you will see that as you progress through the levels, buying items with GC is a better deal.

More details on the exact changes will be available in the Release Notes but you should check them out ingame for yourself once the new patch is live.

As always the team and I look forward to your feedback and reactions. 

See you in game.

Jesse Knapp

Lead Designer, GRO

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