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Dev Chat with Adrian Blunt (Part 2)

Our own GRO Producer answers some of your questions

In the previous weeks, we've asked you to send us your questions about some current issues in GRO. We got our producer, Adrian Blunt to sit down and have some face to face time with our UK Community Manager, Juan Eduardo and Germany Community Manager, Christian. Watch as our CMs deliver your questions in this first part of a series of four videos we'll be releasing in the next few days.

Below are the questions we asked Adrian:

  • Will there be any map creator/editor in the future?
  • Will there ever be open maps with landscape and forest maps?
  • Some users are complaining that the same map appears 4 times in a row. What’s the reason for this?
  • How many maps are you planning on making each year?
  • Are there any plans to allow players to rent dedicated servers independent of Ubi-controlled? (Like what is used in CS:GO)
  • Will there be a spectator mode?
  • Will you do something about preventing hot-joining into a match which is already about to finish?
  • Will there be a numerical ping indicator instead of bars?
  • Will GRO ever feature LAN support?

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