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Season One is now live!


Fellow Ghosts!, a fan made tournament service is proudly presenting you "Season 1", which includes three different but connected competitions.

What types of events we offer?

  • tactiCUPs NightCups (tCNC): A weekly one-night streamed competition for any clans that wish to participate. 
  • tactiLeague (tL): A dynamically ranked league in which 6-man teams face off against their peers in group play.  Teams are tasked to arrange the games themselves choosing the map they wish to compete on.  
  • Season Ending Championship: An upcoming competition at the end of may for the 16 most successful teams of tCNCs and tactiLeague. On tactiCUPs you can find tCNCs Hall of Fame and tactiLeague Hall of Fame and at the end of the season we are going to pick the 8-8 most successful teams from them and invite them to a final competition for the biggest prizes. 

How do our competitions work?

While we are actively recruiting volunteer moderators, we have a full admin team and language support staff to oversee each of the competitions and respond to tickets in a timely manner (usual: 2-5hrs). 



  • tCNCs: The double-elimination nightly tournament requires a team captain or owner to register their respective squads.  As the event progresses, match screenshots are uploaded for result confirmation.  If a match goes to overtime, Golden Goal is combined with the Holdout game mode. 


  • tL: From Monday 12:00 CET to Monday 02:00 CET of the following week, players compete in 6-clan divisions.  At the end of each week, prizes are given to the top 3 divisions and to the winners of the base divisions (1 in each division, 4 total).  In the highest achieving and lowest scoring placements of each division, each clan finds itself in promotion or relegation.




Teams who lose are being placed to the lower division on the opposite side each week for example from Gold 2 to Silver 1 and Silver 2. This way we can ensure the composition is always current to a clan’s skill.

Additional Website Features

  • Live Chat: Keep in touch with admins, teammates and opponents alike with a private system separate of the game itself.  


  • Free Agent System: For players finding themselves without a clan, we provide a common area to help them find their peers or get themselves into one.  Being registered here helps guard against unsportsmanlike conduct mid-tournament (like account swapping), while giving flexibility should teams find themselves short a player come showtime.



  • Clan Intelligence: In helping teams plan matches and develop tactics, we provide the progress of each clan, broken down into easy to read statistics.  


  • Hall of Fame:  Be the best of the best of the best and rule the Hall of Fame!


  • Notification Bar: Similarly, if a team has a problem, a Quick-Access menu floats in the top right of the screen, here to enable a user to flag a ticket or make a complaint about a match at finger-tips’ ease. 


  • Player-Specific Scheduler:  As mentioned before, each player has each tournament displayed in their local time, to better streamline scheduling. 


  • Free TeamSpeak 3 Support:  tactiCUPs is supported by a 500-person Team Speak 3 server, here to provide each clan and Free Agent with free voice communications services.  Once a room is set up, the requesting party is designated channel admin.  IP: Port: 9987

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