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Dev Profile: Adrian Blunt

A rare interview with a Producer and gentleman

Dev Profile - Adrian

Adrian Blunt (a.k.a Adelic1ous) – rock star and international man of mystery – is a familiar face for the GRO EMEA community, but what lurks behind that smile? Adrian opened up for a glimpse into the life and times of a GRO producer.

Born and raised outside of Liverpool, the young Englishman spent nine of his most formative years with the "beer-swilling, sausage-eating" champions of Munich. After leaving Germany at 18, he has since carried a piece of Bavaria with him (most likely the pretzel in his shirt pocket).

Raised on a diet of music and instruments, Adrian took up the guitar, but quickly found his true passion: the Drums. He now happily plays with the Ubisoft Singapore band, when the gods of rock allow the members to escape meetings. Adrian's love for the video games industry started despite parents who only allowed him to play "harmless" racing games. The Need for Speed franchise became his childhood gateway drug to an on-again, off-again career in the games industry.

Adrian's many exploits include running his own company in the banking software industry, developing the first downloadable java game for mobile and developing games for the N-gage. His foray into the video games industry landed him here in Singapore working for EA on FIFA Online, after which he dabbled in investing, before a rare "light bulb moment" made it clear to Adrian that his true calling is producing great games.

In Ghost Recon Online, as an Aegis-wielding Specialist, Adrian's most memorable experience here was just after launching the 10.0 patch and clan matches. After months of blood, sweat and tears, the DEV team was pumped to take on their first clan match. Little did they know, they were taking on a clan of veterans. DEV thought they knew their own map inside out, but the veterans quickly shut them down. As Adrian recalls: the match was "frightening but amazing to watch" and will remain the most poignant memory of working on this game. Seeing true teamwork, communication and strategy developed by the community was both fun and "eye opening".

In closing, a very serious Adrian focused on the community's cries for issue fixing and quality control, stating that these cries do not go ignored and are being addressed by a team of "super-talented people". It simply takes time.

Adrian also stressed that: "We have a duty to improve the game where we can and to deliver fun and exciting ways of engaging with the game. That's the commitment that we signed up to do, but at the same time we have to address these issues ... we're not ignoring it, we are actively fixing it and I hope that we can address those concerns and those issues as quickly as is humanly possible."

You heard it here first, stay tuned for more peeks into the developing world of Ghost Recon Online.

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