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Live Stream 0.11.0

In depth look on whats coming up!

This Wednesday, the 24th of April, we will be presenting an in depth look at patch 0.11.0.

This will begin with a session of looking at the new items and bundles available in the store, followed by the shooting range and how it works. Afterwards we will briefly take a look at the three Project Topos maps and then we will hold a match in between the Community Managers and Game Masters in the map, code-named: Attica Heights.

We shall then end the presentation with a brief question and answer phase.

We will also be giving away limited edition Ghost Recon Online - Razer mouse-pads and t-shirts, so don't miss out!

Streaming beings Wednesday the 24th at 09h00 UK Time (10h00 CET) on

Stream 0.11 Agenda

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