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New Map: Attica Heights

Take a tour of Attica Heights in the new map walkthrough


Welcome to Attica Heights.

Modern, stylish and complete with a view of the Singapore Skyline, Attica Heights is the latest ATHENA office and research facility. Due to the classified nature of the research, security is the highest priority. While business continues below, the upper terrace is a highly contested entry point to the structure and the new Holdout game mode map.

Attica Heights - Map - Small

Senior Level Designer Mark Hurst gave a tour of the facilities to strategically help each of the classes.

Mark Hurst: Multiple tiers and alternate routes play a big role in this symmetrical layout. A unique dual-level design takes the fight directly above the single capture point. No team can hold the point without holding both levels, making team work essential.

Holding the bottom level means capturing the point, but once you drop down you can't go back up. Controlling the top allows for backstabbing or shutting down the shortest enemy approach to the point. The top will also provide a great vantage point for stopping enemy reinforcements as they drop down below.


Close-quarter combat is the name of the game for the assault in Attica Heights. Use the HEAT device to suppress enemies, take the point aggressively and hold the fort as best you can. BLITZ helps on either level, but the upper level gives you more room to stretch your legs. Clear the upper level then use BLITZ to drop in behind your opponents.

Attica Heights - Assault - Small


Shotgun enthusiasts will have ample opportunity to do what they do best, but suppressive fire is a must when pushing the point. Use AEGIS to steamroll the point or clear the upper level. Take advantage of the top level entry above your enemy's capturing side with BLACKOUT and shut down their defenses below.

Attica Heights - Specialist - Small


The Sniper's challenge is to lock down the tight space of the lower level or the open, obstacle-filled upper level. ORACLE sweeps indispensable for this small map and can detect enemies on both floors simultaneously, which is important for preventing backstabbing. That's where CLOAK comes in. Once you control the top level, cloaked Recons can sneak around the long path to the back and drop in behind enemy lines.

Attica Heights - Recon - Small

Attica Heights will force players to react quickly and make meaningful choices about how they support their team. Mark Hurst sums up the map play with a final piece of wisdom: "Split up your team, hold both levels and have fun."

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