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Omega Bundles

Six bundles to get the Omega gear you need – Available today

Yo dawg, I heard you like bundles: Now we've got bundles of bundles, (well not really bundles within bundles per say), but more new bundles than ever before!

Omega bundles come in six new varieties:

• Assault weapons

• Assault armor

• Specialist weapons

• Specialist armor

• Recon weapons

• Recon armor

At 2299 GC per bundle, you save 65% off the individual prices with the armor bundles and 70% for the weapon bundles. Every weapon bundle comes with magnum ammo as well as a 25% XP/RP boost, while every armor bundle comes with eight inserts and an exclusive Omega avatar for your class – only available in this offer.

See for yourself:

Omega Bundle - News - Helmets

Omega Bundle - News - Weapon

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