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Tier System Guide

More information on the new tier system

20130821 - Tier Guide EN

The GRO tier system is based on four simple rules:

  1. Items no longer require a certain level to use
  2. If you own it, you can use it
  3. Items must be acquired in order of the tier tree to buy items of a higher tier
  4. Unique camo/texture items do not have any purchase restrictions

Using items

Just like before, certain items will be bound to certain classes (e.g. assault rifles and HEAT are only for Assaults). Unlike before, all weapons will be bound to a class, including shotguns and handguns.

New players will have to choose a specific class for each weapon and will no longer be able to use a single shotgun or handgun for multiple classes.

Buying items


Unlock – Having acquired an item of a specific tier

Available – Items available for purchase from the store

Restricting purchase instead of usage

  • You can use all the items that you own
  • You have to unlock tiers to purchase the next tier
  • RP is essentially another form of "XP" because you earn RP and use to unlock tiers
  • Tiers can be unlocked instantly by acquiring the tiered items with GC

Unlocking an item

  • A tier is unlocked when you acquire an item (via purchase or opening a box, etc.) of that specific tier and unlock tree.
  • Each tier is unlocked permanently and remains unlocked even if you have sold your items.

Unlock Trees

  • Each character class and weapon class has its own unlock trees (e.g. each class has its own handgun unlock tree)
  • Each item type/category has its own unlock tree (e.g. assault rifle, shotgun, TITAN armor, HERMES armor, Blitz, HEAT, etc.)
  • Progressing on one tree does not affect other trees
  • Device upgrades will be tiered in the same tree as their respective devices (e.g. tier 2 Device upgrades will be unlocked when you unlock the tier 2 device)

Device Upgrades

  • When customizing a device, only device upgrades of the same tier as the device and below will be available (e.g. a tier 2 device can equip tier 2 upgrades only, but will not be able to use tier 3 upgrades)
  • Device upgrades will start at tier 2

Unique Items

Unique items will be tiered, but they are not restricted for purchase

When a unique item is acquired, the respective tier will not be unlocked and will not become available for purchase or make the tier above available for purchase unless all of the previous tiers have also been acquired (e.g. a unique tier 7 gun will not unlock tier 7, but tier 8 will become available once tiers 1-6 have all been unlocked)


Rewards for leveling up

Every time you level up your character, you receive extra inventory space and for certain levels you receive an RP reward. Leveling up no longer unlocks weapons or equipment, but it does unlock the ability to create a clan at level 10.

Weapon Proficiency


Weapon Class – The category of weapon that forms a tier tree (e.g. assault rifle, shotgun, SMG, etc.)

Weapon Type – The specific model of a weapon (e.g. M27, As Val, Mk16, etc.)

Weapon Class Proficiency

  • Weapon proficiency will no longer be specific to a weapon type, but instead to a weapon class
  • All weapon types from the same weapon class share the same proficiency level
  • Your weapon proficiency level is equal to your currently unlocked tier (Proficiency level = tier unlock)

Proficiency Level

  • The weapon proficiency level ranges from 0 to the current highest available tier
  • All players start at level 0
  • The proficiency level increases when you gain the required amount of kills

Number of kills required:

20130821 - Tier Guide Table 1 EN

Proficiency Level Cap by Tier Unlocked
  • The level cap will increase when you unlock a new tier
  • The level cap is only the highest proficiency level you can possibly reach, once you have scored the required amount of kills
Rewards for higher proficiency
  • Increased min. and max. critical hit chance – this increase may not necessarily be fixed for all weapon classes (e.g. the min. crit. of a shotgun will never increase)
  • Critical hit chances for the same proficiency level may be different for each weapon type
20130821 - Tier Guide Table 2 EN

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