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0.13.1 Release Notes

Find out what's inside Patch 0.13.1


  • Login Now Takes Place In The Launcher
  • Capture Areas Increased On Chertanovo LZ Point C
  • ATHENA Armoury
  • Weapon Adjustments
  • HUD Update
  • New Character & Level Up Increased Rewards
  • ATHENA Rank and Rating
  • Match Lobby Update


  • Login now takes place in the launcher


  • To improve gameplay at Chertanovo LZ Point C, the capture area is being slightly increased.


  • It's now possible to purchase a AAA Pass (Athena Armory Access) to gain access to the Members’ store as well as other benefits
  • Members’ store contains unique cosmetic items, contains special sales and grants early access to select items
  • Once the pass is purchased, it is not refundable and the membership will be active until the end of the purchased period


  • Increased the damage of Model 10a, KPS-12 and M1014 shotguns by 10%
  • Significantly increased the ammo pool of Model 10a, KPS-12 and M1014 shotguns to improve the battlefield stamina of the weapons
  • Increased Model 10a C magazine size from 4 to 6 so that it can effectively take down targets without reloading constantly
  • Slightly increased spread on Model 10a, KPS-12, M1014 to adjust the effective range now after the damage increase
  • F2000 SP accuracy is changed from 75 to 84


  • Improved armor feedback in the respawn screen: Armor feedback is now simplified to show "Damage mitigated" and "Health regenerated"
  • When a player moves the cursor over a "Damage mitigated" value, a tool tip displays the details of each mitigation stat: toughness, armor mitigation, and critical damage mitigation


  • The RP bonus is increased from 1000 to 2000 RP for each character class creation
  • Level up rewards are now increased from 500 to 1000 for levels that offer rewards


  • New player threat rating called “ATHENA Rating” added
  • The rating is determined by three factors: Player ability, Tier unlock score and experience
  • This rating will be assigned to players once they complete their first match
  • ATHENA Rating leaderboard is added on the home screen in-game (note that this leaderboard updates every 10-20 minutes)
  • ATHENA Rank is derived from the ATHENA Rating and is displayed as an icon beside the persona name which allows players to know roughly what level of ATHENA Rating another player has
  • Players who have beginner status will not have an ATHENA Rating


  • Pre-match lobby now shows players from both teams
  • Athena Rank is displayed for all players so that players can see the team balance


  • Prone jump exploit on Point C in Chertanovo LZ removed
  • Players are no longer able to take cover and navigate along the exterior of the second floor building in the transition point between Point C and B in Chertanovo LZ
  • Multiple collision related issues on Tomsk-9
  • Minor visual and multiple collision related issues on Chertanovo LZ
  • Minor visual issues on Khyber Stronghold
  • Minor visual and collision issues on Balaklava Submarine Pen
  • Duplicate entries in the Pentagun bodies have been removed and improved the Pentagun accuracy
  • P90 now renamed to P90 SV to reflect its actual variant
  • The “Remove” button is now disabled when opening a mail that has an un-retrieved item
  • Browsing more than 10 different items in the inbox now does not cause 3D assets of the item in the mail to disappear
  • Progress on daily mission is now tracked after completing a holdout map
  • Holdout matches now fully count towards the “Soldier never quits” daily mission


  • Currently some players are unable to enter into matches on the map: “Khyber Stronghold” a fix for this has been found and is scheduled for implementation in update 0.13.2
  • Currently, players who leave a match are supposed to be replaced by players of a similar ghost rank; however, players frequently aren’t able to be replaced, which can lead to an imbalanced match – this will be resolved in a future update
  • Currently players whose passwords include special characters (used in various langauges) are unable to fully log into the game via the launcher; however, they will simply be directed to the client page where they will receive an error stating: “Invalid Username/Email or Password” at which point they simply need to log in as normal within the client

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