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Anti-Cheat and Athena Ranking

UbiSpectre updates on exploits and the Athena Ranking

With Game Update [0.13.1] here, I wanted to take the time to share some more anti-cheat news with you. Over the past year, we’ve been able to identify and ban a large majority of the cheaters, often thanks to your own in-game reports! 

However, more recently, there’s been an extraordinary focus on a very specific exploit known as the “FSB exploit.” It’s uncommon for any developer to be willing to discuss their anti-cheat safeguards, but we wanted to answer a few questions to assure the community that we are watching over our players. 

How common was this exploit? It wasn’t that common at all. Contrary to popular belief, only a very specific subset of gamers has used this exploit and were usually using older systems. 

Why haven’t we addressed this earlier? The GRO team is working on a lot of solution developments at the moment, but we can’t always work on everything at the same time (as much as we wish we could) and chose to focus on other pressing priorities first.
We want to say a special thanks to those who brought this to our attention and helped us make possible the advances we’ve already made. 

To give you an idea about how we react to every cheat/exploit we discover, take a look at the graphs below:

North/Central America 




As you can see, for every cheat detected, we implement a ban. In addition to this, we’re working on identifying individuals who are using this. We take this very seriously and in addition to the short-term solutions we apply, we are building long-term programs with robust security capabilities and more effective penalties. 

Our work is never done, but we promise to continue to make your GRO experience both fair and enjoyable. 

Please continue to send proof of the cheats you encounter by filing a ticket here.

On Athena Ranking: We are aware about the effects of the Athena Ranking on matchmaking and we're currently assessing solutions that would improve the experience. As we are still in Open Beta, your participation aids us significantly in developing the game and ultimately leads us to further enhance the game for everyone. 

Rest assured that you will receive an update from us this week (as early as possible) regarding Athena Ranking. 

Thank you for your support, 


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