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0.13.2 Release Notes

Find out what's inside Patch 0.13.2


  • ATHENA Rank UI changes
  • Launcher login
  • Map weighting


  • The ATHENA Rating will no longer be displayed on the leader board.
  • The ATHENA Rank will only be displayed in the Match Results, Leader board and Friends screens.
  • The ATHENA Rank information pop-up will be accessible in the Home page and the ATHENA Rating Leader board. This provides info-graphic information on the Athena Rank and Rating.


  • After logging into the game from the launcher and then exiting the game client, the login screen will now appear again in the launcher.


  • The weighted percentages of occurrence for each map in public matchmaking have been modified to better reflect the community’s map preferences (based on a survey conducted in both regions).


The following issues have been fixed:

  • The global leader board no longer displays an empty page when the friends list is in multiples of 10
  • Players should now be able to enter matches on Khyber Stronghold without crashing
  • The "Starting Match..." text no longer overlaps the "Enter Firing Range" text in the inventory during "Players found, allocating match server..."
  • The "Enter Firing Range" text is now displayed when equipment is upgraded in the player Load Out menu
  • Clicking on the “Go to Store” button now brings players to the correct store page according to the item type they are viewing
  • Clicking on the “Buy Boost” button in Lobby now brings player to the consumables/boosts section of the store


  • The total number of qualifications is not currently displayed as part of an on-going series of lobby changes, but will be displayed again in a later release.

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