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Up Your Game – Laser Designators

Sixth edition of tips & tricks to help you get ahead in GRO

Any veteran player will tell you that one attachment you can’t go without is the IR Laser Designator. Critical for maintaining a well-coordinated fireteam, designators can be used on all main weapon classes and even the Splinter Cell pack pistol.

“What is this laser you speak of?” Glad you asked! The laser designator can be found in the attachments section when upgrading your weapon in the store and can be found on the customization screen of any gun at the bottom left hand corner.

PEQ-16 Designator

There are currently two types of laser designators in the game: The IR Laser Designator and the PEQ-16 Laser Designator. Functionally, the two are identically and both provide enemy intel when aiming in iron sight and allow you to mark nifty waypoints for your squad members.

Press ‘T’ to toggle the laser designator and mark your target on the point where you’re currently aiming. The target you marked will include your name to indicate who set it. The most common use for the laser designator is to mark an enemy location. Warn squad mates before they turn around corners when you know there’s an enemy hiding there.


If you point it at an enemy, it will mark them on your squad’s screen with their class, name and range for a short period of time (similar to the Vector Detector when someone’s running, but with more information). The intel you provide to your team will remain visible for a short period of team even if you remove your mark and tag someone else.

Some players also use the laser to indicate where they are looking at or as a guide to their squad as to where people should go (eg. Point A or B at the start of Onslaught matches). This is quick and effective way of communicating with your team if you don’t use voice coms or are in a bad position to type.

Laser designators can also be used when you are deploying HEAT. When you HEAT, you are alerted to additional enemy locations by the damage they receive, which is the perfect time to tag them!

Your marks can only be seen by squad mates, but beware – enemy recons can actually see your laser when they are using Cloak and you are using your sights. This is also a great way to spot cloaked Recons: If you see the laser suddenly stop in midair, you found one – SHOOT HIM.

The laser itself will actually show up when you aim down iron sight. If you see a teammate’s laser around you, it’s a good time to advance in that direction, as they will be able to cover you. If your team is defending a position, you can also see which directions your teammates are guarding and you can focus on covering another location.

Laser designators are useful tools for Ghosts to coordinate a fireteam or squad. Warning your teammates can make the difference between life and death. Share valuable intel with your team and up your game today.

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