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Operation Tactical Insertion - Playtest

Public Feature Playtest for everyone! Just one day!


Ghost Recon Online has a brand new feature coming to the game in the not too distant future -  Tactical Insertion. Tactical Insertion is an item that, once activated, allows the Ghosts in your Tactical Team to choose to spawn beside you, rather than at your team’s base. Not only will this allow for even higher levels of teamplay in GRO, but it will open up new ways to play the game and dominate the battlefield!

As the introduction of Tactical Insertion is such a large update to Ghost Recon Online, we’re going to run a special testing session and we want to give you the chance to be a part of it! The primary focus of the test will be to ensure that Tactical Insertion performs as intended, and is well balanced. After each match, you’ll receive the opportunity to provide your feedback. For those of you who frequent the forum, we want to see all of the feedback that you have to offer on this new feature in this thread

This playtest session will not happen in the live build of the game that you’re all familiar with; rather, it will take place on an entirely new testing environment for Ghost Recon Online. This means that everyone will need to sign in, choose a name, and start testing with brand new level 1 soldiers. For the purposes of this test, both Tactical Insertion and Smoke Grenades will be available at the rock bottom price of 1 RP. 

As Operation Tactical Insertion is taking place in an entirely new test environment, you will need to download a new build of the game, which is approximately 2.8 GB large. To make this a little bit easier on everyone, you can download the build now, before the testing sessions start!  

Operation Tactical Insertion FAQ

When is Operation Tactical Insertion taking place? 

Operation Tactical Insertion will occur on Thursday the 27th of February. The following test schedule applies: 

Europe: 17:00 to 22:00 CET

Central/South America: 21:00 to 02:00 CET

North America East Coast: 5:00pm to 10:00pm EST

North America West Coast: 4:00pm to 9:00PM PST

Asia: 09:00 to 14:00 CET (27th)

How do I take part in the playtest? 

To enlist in Operation Tactical Insertion, all you have to do is download the playtest build of the game here. If you want to take part, WE STRONGLY SUGGEST THAT YOU DOWNLOAD THIS BUILD BEFORE THE 27th OF FEBRUARY. 

Why can’t I log into the test build? 

The test build will only be online while testing sessions are taking place.

My Ghost Name and Ghosts are gone! Why?

Operation Tactical Insertion is occurring in an entirely new environment with a new database. As such, your live build name and Ghosts do not exist here. 

Will Tactical Insertion and Smoke Grenades be available at this price in the normal game? 

No, the price of these items has been reduced specifically for the purposes of testing in this build. 

Good luck Ghosts, we hope that you have a blast playtesting Tactical Insertion!

Your Ghost Recon Online Team 

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