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VIP Access - Server Hours of Operation

Info on Saved Data, CB Rewards and more!


The servers are now live for our early access players. Have a great time playing Ghost Recon Online!

If you participated in our previous Closed Beta then you’ve got some great things to look forward to!

Closed Beta Data

We wiped most closed beta data, but we were able to save a few things that matter to you!
  • Persona Names – Your in-game name has been saved, and is waiting for you!
  • Friends List – All the great players you met during closed beta
  • Local Settings- Your control configurations and graphic settings


Your Closed Beta rewards await you in the game! Check your inventory for a box with "CB" in the title.  It will contain all of your rewards! Players who did not participate in Closed Beta are not eligible for these rewards.

For those who may not remember, the criteria and rewards were as follows:

Reach Level 1-19

  • Chrome P250 Pistol
  • Green 9th SFG Avatar
  • 150 Ghost Coins

Reach Level 20+

  • Gold P250 Pistol
  • Red 9th SFG Avatar
  • 450 Ghost Coins

These rewards are only available for players who participated in our Closed Beta Phase 2 or Phase 3!  

We’re very excited to see you in-game soon. And as always, should you have any questions, comments or concerns please Contact Customer Support

-The Ghost Recon Online Team

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