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Login Error Message - Fix

A reminder when you encounter a launcher error on Ghost Recon Online.

Hi everyone, 

A number of players have reported seeing the error message "Error in getting a correct version" when trying to login. This can occur when the local client version is out of date but may also occur if the Launcher is not running. 

This is how the problem happens: 

  1. Open the GRO launcher 
  2. Click on the "START GAME" button 
  3. Close the launcher (or anytime right after running the game) 
  4. Type in your username and password 
  5. Click "LOGIN" 

You'll see this: 

20120802 - Error - Launcher

In order to prevent this issue from occurring, we highly advise you to leave the launcher running while playing the game. 

  1. Here's how to resolve this setback if you encounter it: 
  2. Close your game client 
  3. Open the launcher and start the game 
  4. Leave the launcher running 
  5. Log-in and play GRO 

The launcher provides various services including sending data to our servers to help us troubleshoot problems which is why it is important to allow it to run at all times. We do limit network activity while the client is running so it should not interfere with your gameplay experience. You may however, close it right after you play GRO. 

If you come across other technical problems or have questions please contact Customer Support

Thank you and have a great day! 

The Ghost Recon Online Team

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