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Welcome to Ghost Recon Online!

Equip yourself, load your weapons, invite your friends and test your skills!

Welcome to Ghost Recon Online! 

You may have questions about the game— read our beginner's guide and get the information you need to become an elite ghost.

Weekly Missions

We're starting with the first of many weekly missions: Eagle Eye. The goal this week - maintain an accuracy of 15% over 5 matches and you will earn a rare Mark IV armor insert. These missions and their goals will change every week providing new and exciting challenges for you to overcome. Learn more about this mission and other events on our event detail page.

Our Community

If you'd like a snipers eye-view of our community please check out our Forum Directory. Get involved in awesome conversations, meet new friends, discuss strategies and more!

Communication is key

Feedback is incredibly important to us. Our community team is always on the lookout for interesting conversations, game bugs, suggestions or general feedback about Ghost Recon Online. You can leave feedback directly in our official feedback forum, or comment below directly on this news-page!

Should you have any technical issues, gameplay questions or other problems please read our FAQ or Contact Customer Support.


-The Ghost Recon Online Team

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