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Customer Support - Ticket 'Reply' Workaround

The website Customer Support 'reply' feature does not currently work as intended.

We are currently experiencing an issue with the 'reply' feature of our website Customer Support field. This issue is being investigated and should be resolved shortly. In the meantime please read below for instructions on how to ensure that your replies to Customer Service are being seen.

New Tickets

  • Players who send new tickets via Customer Support, will have their ticket arrive in the CS inbox without issue

Replying to Pre-Existing Tickets

  • Players who have sent a ticket and received a reply from Customer Support. Currently, if you attempt to reply to a Customer Support response your ticket will not be sent properly to the CS inbox.

If you need to respond to a pre-existing CS ticket please do the following:

  1. Go to the Ubisoft Customer Support Ticket Page
  2. Log with your Uplay ID/PW
  3. Select your ticket, and write your reply.
  4. Click Submit


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