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Sale 20% Off - Squad Support Devices

All Mk. I Squad Support Devices are 20% off until Sept. 11th

9/6 - 9/11

Supporting your squad is incredibly important. In Ghost Recon Online there are two types of passive squad support abilities available to each class. If you haven't purchased these devices yet, now is your chance as they are 20% off for the next week. To purchase these devices enter the game, click on the store cart / device / squad support.

Get 20% off the GC/ RP price for the following:


  • Ammo Supply Mk. I - Restores spent ammunition to you and nearby allies by +1%/s.
  • Device Recharge Ml. I - Increases energy regeneration for you and nearby allies by +3%.
  • Combat Regen Mk. I - Increasese in-combat health regeneration by +0.8% to you and your allies
  • Harden Armor Mk. I - Improves your armor and that of nearby allies by +5%
  • Gunshot Detector Mk. I - Detects shooting enemies within a 30m radius and reveals them to you and your allies
  • Vector Detector Mk. I - Detects sprinting enemies within a 10m radius and highlights them for you and nearby allies

How do I know my squad support devices are working?
Once you've tethered yourself to other players; which is indicated by seeing the thin blue line attached to those around you, you're considered to be within the effective range of most squad support abilities. When the squad support device is working, you will see an indicator icon appear underneath your health bar (i.e a small shield for harden armor).

Note: Level 8 is required to equip any of these devices.

You may purchase Ghost Coins from our website, or by logging into the game and clicking 'Purchase GC'.


-The Ghost Recon Online Team

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