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Latency/Ping - Update

A solution has been implemented to help filter matchmaking between territories.

Hi everyone, 

We've added a significant update to GRO's gameplay that attempts to address the "Red Ping" issue. 

Right after today's maintenance, we will have re-configured matchmaking to group users based on location in addition to skills and performance. This means that you will be matched with people who are playing in your region - so if you're in UK, you will be playing with gamers who are living within UK, or closest to your area. "Red ping" should be reduced and the quality of your connection to the game should improve. 

However, bear in mind that when you're in a fireteam, the game will create a match for you depending on your leader's location. If example you are in the US and your leader is in Brazil, this will bypass the system and would group you in a match with gamers people in South America. 

We wish to inform you as well that one of the downsides of these changes is that you may see slightly longer game search times. This is due to the added filtering process we have implemented. Also, chat will not be affected therefore you will still encounter people speaking in different languages within the chat channel. 

This solution is applicable to most scenarios but there will be rare occasions where users will still experience "ping" issues, but overall the quality of matchmaking should improve.

We'll continue to monitor game stability and we'll make sure to notify everyone of any further updates to the AMM system. We are grateful for your patience and continuous support. 


- The Ghost Recon Online Team

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