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The Arctic Pack!

GRO is entering a new frontier! Advance with us on 12 September!

Ghost Recon Online is about to become a much cooler place, literally. On September 12th the new Arctic Pack will be released!

The Arctic Pack will feature a new map, Tomsk-9. Set in a nuclear reprocessing complex deep in the Russian arctic circle, Tomsk-9 utilizes the conquest mode and will be the games largest map to date; featuring indoor and outdoor environments. As with most of our core game content this map will be available to all players for free, beginning September 12th. 

In addition to the new map the Arctic Pack will include new weapons. These weapons will have some improved stats and will be placed on sale in the store for a limited time only.  

  • September 12-18th - The first 3 arctic-weapons will be available for purchase from the store for RP & GC. These weapons will be available for 1 week only!
  • September 19th -26th - The next 3 arctic-weapons will go on sale. These weapons will also only be available for 1 week.

There will also be some fantastic Arctic camouflage body armor, head gears and weapon-attachments placed into the store permanently.

For more information on the new map, weapons, armor and helmets check out our excellent visual overview here.


-The Ghost Recon Online Team

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