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Arctic Pack - Now Available!

Arctic Pack items are now available in-game! Click below for more info.

The wait is finally over; the Arctic Pack has arrived! With the winter comes brand new gear. Like a true ghost, fade into your surroundings by purchasing our new Hermes & Titan Arctic-edition armors. For those who wish to protect their face from incoming enemy fire, check out our new Arctic-edition helmets! 

A Ghost is only as good as their weapon. For a limited time only you can find Arctic-edition weapons available for purchase from the store. These weapons feature altered stats from there normal counterparts and are sure to increase your cool-factor on the field of battle and will be especially useful when you play our new conquest map, Tomsk-9. The Tomsk-9 map is set in the harsh Russian tundra in a secret nuclear power plant. 

Special Bonus - Razer Gear!

As a special bonus our friends at Razer are offering 2 exclusive scope weapon-attachments (Assault 3.5x and M21 1x) to all GRO players at the low cost of 1RP per scope.  These scopes are only available until 9/26 so get them while you can. 

For more information about the availability of the Arctic Weapons, please read here. For those interested in seeing the new items you can check out our visual overview.



-The Ghost Recon Online Team

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