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September - Hall Of Fame

Ghost Recon Online celebrates members of the community by announcing our Hall of Fame!

September Hall Of Fame - Celebrating the "One-Elbow Wonder" - Compass. Our Ghost Recon Online Player of the Month!

Ghost Recon Online celebrates members of the community by announcing our Hall of Fame.  For September 2012, we wish to salute Community Leader and one-elbow wonder Compass. When not adding to his triple digit melee kill score on Ghost Recon Online he's on our forums offering insightful and candid feedback and discussion points. Find out more about Compass, and what he loves about GRO in our interview below! 

  • Persona Name: Compass
  • Favorite Activity: Elbowing people
  • Favorite Class: Anything with the ability to look cool.
  • Claim to Fame: Amassed over 1k Melee Kills.  Read about his journey here.

In your own words, why are you so awesome?

Awesome-jyanai! (translated: I’m not really awesome!) D: 

I’m just an average player doing average things! I enjoy spending a lot of time streaming so I can highlight funny videos, crazy things, and me just being an awkward penguin at the game! I spend a lot of time on the forums when I’m not playing reading up and posting to my heart’s content. 

I’ve been posting YouTube videos for years. I used to do video game walkthroughs, and I’ve technically always enjoyed the shooter genre, but more specifically the tactical shooters such as SWAT 4 and Rainbow Six. In fact, I went back and found my first ever YouTube video, which was conveniently 2079 days ago! 

Hard to imagine that 5 years ago, 240p actually was considered good quality, and 360p was considered high quality :P Anyways, I normally just stream my game in 720p in the following fashion for viewer enjoyment. Awfully high-tech, I know =_=.  But basically, I’m just a very casual player that sometimes does really cool things but more often than not does the face plant right before I can do an awesome clutch move. 


What do you love about Ghost Recon Online?

 I personally like the flow of combat in GRO. Everything feels fluid and highly responsive down to the individual actions, from readying weapons, to sliding into cover. Adding the handling statistic allows players to choose to either fire from a less mobile but more accurate role, or take on a much more risky and rewarding harass role. 

GRO is, in essence, the best of both worlds, embracing fast-paced moving gameplay while simultaneously supporting cautious, patient gameplay, all the while interspersing an easy-to-learn, hard-to-master tactical capabilities and intelligence loop. Compared to Future Soldier, GRO embodies everything most PC shooter fans have been waiting for, and delivers it in a fashion that it feels like every game I’ve played up to this point has been combined into one fantastic unified experience.

Shout Out

Shout-out to Theo Sander’s rubber chicken! Theo takes good care of it and it always seems to be quite content that it is not this!

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