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Armor Inserts - A Guide

Have questions about Armor Inserts? Find the answers in our guide!

Armor Inserts are a useful piece of equipment. Good for helping to mitigate damage, increase player health and add an edge in combat, read on to find out more about these great items.

What are Armor Inserts?

Armor Inserts increase the survivability of a Ghost. More advanced armor allows for more inserts, and more advanced Armor Inserts affect more than one stat. Armor Inserts are consumable items that you may purchase from the store. 

Armor Insert Guide - 1 

What Stats do Armor Inserts modify? 

Armor Inserts give bonuses to Toughness, Regen [HP/s], Health, or Critical Evasion. More advanced armor inserts may affect more than one stat. For more information on what these individual stats mean, check out the Upgrading and Tiers section of our beginner guide. 

Where are Armor Inserts located? 

Armor Inserts are located in the STORE, under CONSUMABLES. Once you have the CONSUMABLES menu open, Armor Inserts are the fourth option on the list. You may also choose to purchase Armor Inserts directly from the ARMOR CUSTOMIZATION menu when you click an available SELECT ITEM slot. 

Armor Insert Guide -2

How do I equip Armor Inserts? 

You can customize your armor by selecting INVENTORY: CUSTOMIZE CHARACTER. From the LOADOUT menu, click the “CUSTOMIZE” option on your Armor Slot to bring you to the ARMOR CUSTOMIZATION menu. Below your armor’s stats, you will have a number of slots that allow you to select an Armor Insert either from your inventory, or to purchase one directly from the store. 

Once you have selected an Armor Insert, click ACCEPT to finish the Armor Customization.  

How long to armor inserts last? 

How long an Armor Insert lasts is dependent on its Durability.  Every time you take damage, the Durability on the Armor Insert decreases. Once the Durability on an Armor Insert reaches zero, the item will be destroyed. 

 Armor Insert Guide -4

You can check the current Durability of an equipped Armor Insert by hovering over the equipped Armor. 

 Armor Insert Guide -5

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