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Sale! Armor Inserts

Stay alive for longer. Buy an Armor Insert today.
Over the last couple of months we have been watching your feedback closely concerning the price of Armor Inserts. As a result of your input we have created a new introductory price for inserts. This week reflects that change in price. Call it a sale, or call it fantastic, we don’t mind. Buy an insert and take one step closer to victory.

Bronze Inserts 
  • Were 200 RP / 35 GC -  Sale Price: 75 RP / 15 GC
Silver Inserts 
  • Were 280 RP / 42 GC - Sale Price: 150 RP / 26 GC
Gold Inserts 
  • Were 420 RP / 63 GC - Sale Price 200 RP / 35 GC
For more information about Armor Inserts, you can read our guide here.  

Note on Durability: With this new price, we have lowered the durability of Armor Inserts from 5,000 to 3,000. 


-The Ghost Recon Online Team

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