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Sale! Headgear

Up to 65% off the GC Price and 50% off the RP Price.
If you’re ready to diversify your helmet collection, then you need to look at the sale for this week.  Our Default and Arctic camouflage helmets help a Ghost stay concealed in the most hostile environments. Purchase a helmet today and keep your head down.

You can find Helmets in the Store under Armor > Headgear.

ALP "Arctic" Helmets – CBRN-L4 Headgear, OCF-FL2 Helmet, ECW-G5 RS Hood
  • 65% Off the GC price (Best Value)
  • 50% Off the RP price
Standard "Default" Helmets – FM4 Hood, MIC14 Helmet, Military Shemagh
  • 55% Off the GC Price
  • 50% Off the RP Price


-The Ghost Recon Online Team

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