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Playspan Payment Security

GRO payment service is secure with Playspan UltimatePay

Hi everyone, 

This is to address any concerns users may have from the recent news about Playspan security breach. We would like to inform you that the Ghost Recon Online payment service that is using Playspan's UltimatePay is fully secure. All your financial data is safe and has not been compromised in any way. 

We have been informed by VISA, our payment partner, that the security breach is with Playspan Marketplace service. Please keep in mind that this service is NOT what Ghost Recon Online uses. GRO is using VISA'S Playspan UltimatePay service which is a separate payment service from Playspan Marketplace. 

If you happen to have a PlaySpan Marketplace account, you may want to change your password. We are in constantly in touch with our partners in VISA and will fill you in with more details, if necessary, regarding this situation if we receive any news from VISA and UltimatePay. 

- Ghost Recon Online Team

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