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0.9.0 Feature Preview: Beginners' Playlist

A preview of the upcoming matchmaking feature, the Beginners' Playlist.

The upcoming 0.9.0 build will contain many improvements to the overall Ghost Recon Online gameplay experience.  The first major addition will be to the games matchmaking system in the form of the Beginners’ Playlist.

The Beginners’ Playlist is a separate matchmaking queue that allows players new to GRO, and those who have all of their characters below level 5, to be queued (by default) into matches with fellow beginners. If they prefer to jump straight into heavy action against tougher opponents, players with all characters below level 5 will still have the option to join the primary matchmaking queue that includes a broader group of players, including veterans.  Note, the matchmaking system will still attempt to put together groups of players with similar levels of skills to create balanced matches, regardless of which queue you join.  Our goal in introducing the Beginners’ Playlist is to allow new players to learn the basics of Ghost Recon Online with a reduced chance of finding themselves immediately dropped into challenging battles against players with much more experience and skill.

Once a player’s character has surpassed level 5, they will no longer be able to select the Beginners’ playlist.

To find out more about the Beginners’ Playlist, please read our FAQ.


-The Ghost Recon Online Team

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