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Weekly Sale - Support Devices & Halloween Weapons

Squad Support Devices MK I & II & Halloween Weapon Variants on sale now!
It’s almost Halloween! If you haven’t purchased a costume yet we have a recommendation for you - an elite special-forces badass, armed with the latest in modern weaponry.  As an accoutrement for those weapons, what if we added orange and black skull camouflage useful for striking fear into the hearts of enemies. Well we have, and you can buy those Halloween variants in our store now. For more information on these weapon variants, click here.

Available 10/24- 10/31

  • PP2000 SD HLW

  • F2000 HLW

  • PM5 HLW

Halloween resize

We should also mention that in the midst of battle utilizing support devices is a key to survival. Since you’ll be forming clans like there is no tomorrow,  why not purchase these devices to help out your newly formed clan-mates in the heat of battle?

For one week only you can purchase these squad support devices at 20% off!

Find these devices in the store under Device > Squad Support

Assault Class
  • Combat Regen MK I & II
  • Harden Armor MK I & II

Recon Class
  • Gunshot Detector MK I & II
  • Vector Detector MK I& II

Specialist Class
  • Ammo Supply MK I & II
  • Device Recharge MK I & II

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