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Patch Notes - v. 0.9.0

Find out what’s in store in the latest Game Update v.0.9.0!

Game Update 0.9.0

Key Changes

  • Clans Identity: Clan creation, management and customization. Additional Clan features coming in Early 2013! 
  • Beginners’ Playlist -  New and low level players are matched in a separate playlist until one of their characters reaches level 5.
  • Match victory now based on total points captured across both rounds (as opposed to total rounds won).
  • Sniper rifle tuning changes to make "snap shooting" more difficult.
  • Player Reporting System - Right-click on a player to report them for any Code of Conduct violations. 
  • New in-game Home page. 

Community Feedback Changes (we are listening!)

  • The red target box around enemy player has been made more accurate. This will make it harder for opponents to use certain angles, after going into the prone position behind cover, to make themselves more difficult to shoot (“cover glitching”).
  • Point capture logic improvements to encourage players to get on the point. It is now easier to get credit for caps or cap assists.

  • The HEAT ability has been updated to allow Assault players using the HEAT ability to clearly identify opponents that are affected by it.
  • Fixed "underwater sound effects" - Blitz and Grenade audio state filters will no longer cause muffled sounds that is carried over when player respawns. Fixed the kill and resume state when dying on a grenade while running in Blitz.
  • [UPDATE] Matchmaking fix (added in 0.9.0):
    Automated Matchmaking now includes player class restriction, and will select no more than four of any one class for a team. While players can still manually change their class after a match is found, this should greatly reduce matches where there are too many of one class. This change does not apply to hot-joining matches."


  • Fixed an issue where players may appear overly bright in certain areas of the maps. 
  • The HEAT ability has been updated to allow Assault players using the HEAT ability to clearly identify opponents that are affected by it.


  • Added Clan Advertisement page to promote Clan when player is below Level 10.  
  • Clan Creation - Players are able to create a clan with a name, tag, and customized Clan Crest once they have reached Level 10. 
  • The cost of Clan creation is 1,000 RP/100 GC.
  • Clan Profile page now feature in the Lobby: 
    • Basic information and stats
    • Basic clan management functions
  • Basic Clan Management Features: 
    • Adding Clan members via invitations [Officer and above]
    • Rank Management within the Clan [Commander, Officer, Soldier]
    • Expelling Clan Members
    • Transferring ownership of the Clan to other Clan Members
    • Updating Clan messages in Clan Profile [Officer and above]
    • Clan Crest customization post Clan creation [Officer and above]
  • A dedicated Clan chat channel when a clan is created or joined. 
  • A dedicated Clan roster under the Social Widget, with context menu for management commands. 
  • Leaving a Clan [Excludes Commanders - Commanders must transfer ownership of the Clan before leaving]
  • Disbanding a Clan by the Clan Commander
  • Invite Clan Members from the Clan roster when forming a Fireteam
  • Rank Matches to be implemented in early 2013. Advanced clan features to be discussed with the Community starting in November. 
  • Clan Social Features: 
    • Having your Clan tag displayed to the right of your player name for better identification 
    • The ability to use your Clan Crest as your Avatar
    • Ghost Feed of friends who joined a Clan and for when you friend has changed their avatar to the Clan Crest
    • Clan chat commands for basic Clan management
    • Clan unlock notification in post-match UI. 

Beginners' Playlist

  • Beginners' Playlist has been added. It is only accessible to new or low level players with all characters below Level 5. It is also the default play for these players. 
    • This is to improve the new player experience by filtering away more experienced players. Beginners still have the option to play on the Public Playlist alongside more experienced players.  
  • Beginners' will be asked if they want to switch to another class when one of their characters reach Level 4. 
  • When a player reaches Level 5 while in a Fireteam comprised of players on the Beginners' Playlist, matchmaking will stop. Fireteam members will need to decide whether to remove that Level 5 player and continue on the Beginners' Playlist, or they can all queue under the Public Playlist. 

User Interface Changes

  • UI Changes to Match Lobby: 
    • Side navigation was removed to allow for a larger screen space that is essential for future features
    • Players can now see previews of maps in a playlist
    • Match Summery and Scoreboard for previous game were combined into a general Match Results tab
    • Preview of next level unlocks are temporarily removed due to: 
      • Repetative Information with post-game pop-ups
      • Space allocation for future features
    • Player can now see outcome, map, and mode of their previous game under the Match Summary tab 
  • UI Changes to Global Navigation bars:
    • Added Home and Clan buttons on the top
    • Moved Options and Support buttons to the bottom right
    • Chat and Social display as icons
    • Glow effect added to all selected button stat
  • UI Changes to Home: 
    • Added Objective List: There are 9 table cells, each representing an objective for players to complete when they log in. Each cell will be hidden once the requirements are met. Players can also reveal these hidden cells if they wish to view them. 
    • Reduced the number of Ghost Feeds shown at once. 
    • Store advertisements have been resized. 
  • Daily Challenges are now available as pop-ups. 
    • This is to cater for a more flexible system in the future where challenges can be accessed through thte lobby without moving the player away from their current screen
  • Added Player Reporting feature in the game. 
    • Player is now able to report a player to our Customer Service team within the game. Players can do so by selecting "Report Player" when right-clicking the offender's name in the chat channel. 
    • Players can also use a slash command in lobby and in-game chat [/report]. 
    • Report Player option can also be found on the game's Option menu. 
    • There will be a limit of 5 reports per hour from a player.


  • Match Victory rule change: The winner of a match is now the team that holds the most combined points over two rounds. Applies to both Conquest and Onslaught mode.
    • Previously it was determined by counting round victories, resulting in a lot of Draws 
    • The round victory rules have not changed; this applies only to match results.  
Point capture score logic has been adjusted to encourage participation on the cap: 
  • Full Point Capture [500 score] awarded if you contribute to 60% or more of a successful capture. This is to properly reward a player for greatly assisting in the cap who may die near the very end of the cap. 
  • Capture Assist awarded if you contribute to at least 10% on a successful capture. Previously the requirement was 30%, which did not reward players who contributed a notable difference on the cap. 
  • Less reward for a last-second point rush. If you arrive on the point during the last 10%, you only get a capture assist, not full capture credit.

Weapon Tuning

Assault Rifle [AR]:

  • Slight increase in vertical recoil with slight decrease to horizontal recoil with the short barrel. This corrects a data entry error where side to side recoil was higher than designed. 
  • Standardized all short Assault Rifle barrels to have a smaller max spread and larger min spread. This is to address the issue where the CQC Assault Rifles were too accurate at long ranges and less accurate than designed at mid-range. 
  • Reduced effectiveness in full auto fire at medium to long range [similar to Light Machine Gun changes in 0.8.1]
    • These changes were made to encourage careful shooting with Assault Rifles to maximize the use of their limited magazine sizes. 
    • Increased spread gain when firing shots, increasing accuracy loss when firing full auto. To compensate, spread recovery is increased to encourage careful shooting. 
    • Max bloom on Assault Rifle long barrels has been increased to reduce accuracy in sustained fire. This primarily affects the SV vairnets amongst Assault Rifles. 


  • Fixed data entry inconsistencies in barrels (errors corrected have minor impacts on gameplay)
    • Note: In Ghost Recon Online, the various barrel lengths within a weapon class are standardized. For example, short Assault Rifle barrels are the same throughout. This maintains consistency between weapon archetypes using the same barrel length, providing consistent combat performance. Barrels affect a core weapon's handling, damage, recoil, and bullet spread. 

Handguns [HG]: 
  • Fixed a data entry error with the PX4, reducing the max spread back to normal handgun levels. 
  • Increased bullet spread gain when moving
    • This fixes the issue where handguns were more accurate than expected as there was no spread when moving around. 

Light Machine Guns [LMGs]: 
  • Slight increase in vertical recoil with slight decrease in horizontal recoil. This corrects a data entry error where side to side recoil was higher than designed. 
  • Added handling values to MK 3 and MK 5 medium barrels. This will slightly reduce handling and restore them to normal Light Machine Gun barrel handling values.

Sniper Rifles [SR]:

  • Min-Max Spread Overhaul: We've overhauled the sniper rifle spread system in response to widespread complaints about snap shooting (the act of popping up from cover, firing a shot as quick as possible, then ducking behind cover again). The existing spread system linked the min and max spread ratios, making it impossible to tune the min spread independently of the max. This led to snap shooting problems in addition to low overall Sniper Rifle accuracy. To fix this, we've implemented a few feature that allows for independent tuning. The problem and solution are illustrated in the diagram below: 
Patch Notes 0.9.0 Spread
  • To balance this, the Sniper Rifle spread recovery has also been reduced to encourage careful shooting. Overall, this change is expected to make the sniping experience more enjoyable for all by reducing the frustration that snap-shooting brings, as well as the unhappy moment when a carefully settled in sniper misses a clean shot. 


NOTE: Due to a problem with sound data integration, certain fixes (like the Blitz "underwater" effect) won't take effect until the next patch, 0.9.1.

  • Fixed a sound bug + Raycast algorithm where players could hear near miss bullet whistles and zings across the map. 
  • Fixed sudden death music overlaps. Extended timer countdown and music build-up to 30 seconds before match ends. 
  • Enemy Aegis charging and activation sound now has a pitched-down effect, slightly different from main players bubble sounds. 
  • Lobby music soundtrack now includes the original Ghost Recon login music theme - as requested by players. 
  • Improved weapon sound optimization. Smoother and more solid one bullet, one sound prioritization. 
  • Re-sampled and re-compressed selected shotguns and audio assets that might be causing static on some speakers and Low-Fi headphones. 
  • Fixed "underwater sound effects" - Blitz and Grenade audio state filters will no longer cause muffled sounds that is carried over when player respawns. Fixed the kill and resume state when dying on a grenade while running in Blitz.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the half-height cover on the center of Shearwater Point A, which was easy for attackers to peek over, but defenders sometimes had their bullets blocked by the top of the cover.
  • Fixed an issue with the game client sometimes tries to request a disc from the DVD ROM mapped to the drive letter F:
  • Fixed a bug with the Specialist backpack retaining color when the player dies. 

Known Issues

  • Alienware laptop (mx14) refuses to use Discrete GPU for Ghost Recon Online [uses the integrated low-end GPU instead]
    • This is a power-saving feature of the laptop itself. To ensure that it uses the discrete GPU, do the following: 
      • Make sure the power is plugged in. 
      • Update the GPU drives. 
      • Set power settings to High Performance
      • In the NVIDIA Control Panel, under 3D Setting > Manage 3D Setting, in the Global Setting tab, under "Prefer Graphics Processor", select "High-performance NVIDIA Processor" under "2. Select the preferred graphics graphics process or for this program".  
  • Intel HD Graphics Crash
    • Running the game with Intel HD2000/3000 Drivers below revision 15.26.xx.xxxx may lead to crashes due to excessive memory usage. Please make sure to update to the latest drivers.
  • Low Performance/Sound Stuttering on RealTek HD Audio
    • There are perfomance issues running the game on some old RealTek drivers. Please update to latest RealTek High Definition Audio Codecs from the RealTek website, or the motherboard manufacturer.

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