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Introducing Update 0.9.0

Click below for information about Clans, Matchmaking Changes, Halloween Weapons and Patch Notes.

0.9.0 Update is finally here and there's a lot more in it than just Halloween weapons. One of the big additions we're unveiling in 0.9.0 is the Beginners' playlist. New GRO players (and existing players with all characters under level 5) will now be matched with people who are levels 5 and below.  We hope this will give newcomers a chance to familiarize themselves with our gameplay before starting a match with more experienced players. 

In GRO, we're not just about shooting people in the face but we're also about celebrating holidays.  For a limited time only, we've added Halloween Weapon Variants to the store! They remain available for RP as well as GC, as always.


Another significant addition we've added in 0.9.0 is Phase 1 of the Clan Feature. Our objective in phase 1 is to strengthen the social aspect of GRO. Create your clans, choose your clan name, customize your clan crest, invite your friends, and have more fun playing as a unified group! While the introduction of clans is a huge step forward this is only the beginning. More clan related features, like dedicated clan matches and leaderboards will be added in Phase 2; available early 2013. You can find out more about Clans here.

This update also adds a multitude of bug fixes and changes requested by the community. Check out our 0.9.0 patch notes  to see a detailed list of bug fixes and known issues.

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