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Enhancements Sale!

Get 20% off our most popular consumables! 

This is your chance to get some of the most sought after items in-game. Need more storage space? Would you like to level up faster? Running low on grenades? Enjoy a 20% discount on the following items:

2012116 - XP Boost XP/RP Boost - Increase your XP and RP gain by +50% for 7 days.


Was 1160 GC - NOW: 900 GC

Find this item under Store > Consumables > Boost


2012116 - Storage Extra Storage Space - Add +2 slots to your inventory space.


Was 650 RP/ 100 GC - NOW: 490 RP / 80 GC

Find this item under Store > Consumables > Storage


2012116 - Mystery Box Grenade Crate: Small- Contains at least x25 grenades and chance for something special!

Was 700 RP/ 235 GC - NOW: 540 RP / 180 GC

Find this item under Store > Consumables > Mystery Box

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