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Patch Notes - v. 0.9.1

Find out what’s in store for the upcoming Game Update v.0.9.1!

Game Update 0.9.1

Key Changes

  • We’ve introduced a Map Weighting feature in matchmaking.  Based on survey results, we’re adjusting matchmaking to select the community’s favorite maps more often than others.
  • Players will have the class device of their choice automatically equipped upon reaching Level 2. 
  • To make comparing weapons easier, we have added Damage Per Second as the primary stat on the item widget.
  • VOIP connectivity has been improved. Players are now able to join VOIP without a microphone. In addition, players can now connect their microphone in the middle of a match.

Community Feedback Changes (we are listening!)

  • Based on community feedback regarding Light Machine Gun [LMG] efficiency, we have reduced the maximum spread of LMGs. This improves  their accuracy under sustained fire. The previous LMG tweaks hit close-quarter variants especially hard, and made them too weak at anything beyond point blank range. They should now be more effective at up to medium range. 
  • Following the feedback regarding Sniper Rifles (especially semi-auto models) being able to get easy "no-scope kills", we have increased the minimum spread of sniper rifles when fired out of scope.


Previously Applied Changes [0.9.0]

  • Automated matchmaking now includes player class restriction, and will select no more than four of any one class for a team.. While players can still manually change their class after a match is found, this should greatly reduce matches where there are too many of one class. This change does not apply to hot-joining matches. [Note: This change was originally missing from 0.9.0 Patch Notes, which have since been updated]

Auto Device Equip

  • Users will be prompted to automatically equip one of their devices when they reach Level 2 during the match results sequence.
  • The level requirement to equip Mark 1 Devices has been changed from 2 to 1. This means experienced players who wish to level up another Class no longer need to wait until Level 2 to access their Devices.

Item Display Widget Improvements 

  • Damage Per Second [DPS] is now the primary stat to allow for easier comparisons within a weapon type.
  • The overall graphic design has been polished for greater readability.
  • Best Practices text has been added to weapons - Close Quarters [CQC], Long Range, Original, Suppression and Stealth
  • Weapon type has been change from text to an icon.
  • "Recoil" stat has been changed to 'Control' with the values reversed. Now, "bigger is better" is true for all weapon statistics.
  • "Handling" stat has been renamed to 'Ready Time".
  • Insert Slots are no longer displayed on the Weapon display widget.
  • Insert Slots are used as the primary stat on Armor.
  • Upgrade Slots are used as primary stat on Devices.
  • Low Durability is now shown on Armor Inserts as a red icon.


  • The delay time between the activation and deactivation of Devices has been increased to that players do not accidentally trigger deactivation while the Device is being activated. This change affects Blitz, HEAT, Oracle and Cloak devices by increasing the "ignore second input" timing from 0.5 seconds to 1 second.
  • To assist new players, Armor values  have been added to the default starting armor:
    • Assault: 8%
    • Recon: 4%
    • Specialist: 6%

Weapon Tuning

Ammo Pool
  • Updated the OC-14 Extended Magazine ammo pool size to 200 [updated from 160]. This corrects situations where upgrading the OC-14 magazine would decrease the ammo pool of the weapon. Magazine upgrades should match or exceed the original weapon's ammo pool.
Light Machine Guns [LMGs]
  • The maximum spread of LMGs has been reduced. This improves  their accuracy under sustained fire. The previous LMG tweaks hit close-quarter variants especially hard, and made them too weak at anything beyond point blank range. They should now be more effective at up to medium range.
Sniper Rifles [SR]
  • Following feedback regarding Sniper Rifles (especially semi-auto models) being able to get easy "No-scope kills", the minimum spread for Sniper Rifles fired out of scope has been increased. 
  • Added AEGIS depletion warning sound when AEGIS is about to go down. This sound will be heard by all players that are near the AEGIS. 
  • Implemented a fix plus a sound package for "underwater sound effects" - Blitz and grenade audio state filters will no longer cause muffled sounds that are carried over when a player respawns. 
  • Fixed the kill and resume state when dying from a grenade while running with Blitz activated. 
  • Lobby music sequence now includes the original Ghost Recon music theme. This will be used only in the login screen. 
  • Enemy AEGIS charging and activation sound now has a pitched-down effect, slightly different from the player's bubble sound. 
  • Implemented a sound package that has improved weapon sound optimization. This should result in smoother a more solid 1 bullet, 1 sound prioritization. 
  • Implemented a sound package that has re-sampled and re-compressed shotguns and "boomy" audio assets that might be causing static on some speakers and Low-Fi headphones. 
  • Clan creation and Clan disband now have a sound effect. 
  • Graduating from the Beginners' Playlist will now have a "congrats" sound. 
  • Integrated a fix for sudden death music overlaps. Extended the timer countdown and music build-up to 30 seconds before a match ends. 

Bug fixes
  • Fixed a bug where players sometimes lost all the energy of their class device after being killed for the first time in a match.
  • Fixed a bug introduced during the 0.9.0 patch where the server did not correctly load the player’s weapon proficiency level. While the UI displayed the correct level, all critical hits were being calculated as if the weapon was at Level 1.
  • Fixed several issues around hot joining a match, which under certain circumstances could lead to a client hang or crash. 

  • Optimized game performance for some PC configurations by removing the blur effect from the HUD interface. 
  • Fixed a memory leak at the start of the game client.

Known Issues
  • We have been experiencing a few VOIP issues related to disconnections to the server. A Game client restart is needed in order to recover from this. 
  • Rarely, the client Stalls for 15 seconds and shows corrupted textures.
  • Game Client sometimes closes itself on loading screen.
  • All multi-letter named keys are displayed as single letter when bound to functions
  • Players are unable to unequip grenades even though there is a current stack of the same type of grenade in the inventory (less than 48 grenades in the stack) if the inventory is full.
  • Melee damage is showing up as multiple damage events in the damage log
  • The Control Panel freezes for long time when uninstalling was being carried from control panel on Windows XP OS. As a workaround, uninstall directly from the launcher.
  • Inconsistent behavior for energy lost for cloaked Recons.
  • Grenades will be stuck in mid-air without exploding if a player tries to throw a grenade while he is afflicted by blackout
  • The amount of XP and RP received in-game doesn't appear on Match Results after aborting the game at the beginning of the round
  • Sometimes, VOIP does not work (squadmates cannot hear what the player says) even though client is shown as connected.

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