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Halloween Contest - Your Vote!

We have decided among the best... Now it's your turn to vote!

You may remember the Contest we hosted a few weeks back where we asked members of our Community to design their own Halloween inspired weapon. We received a lot of fantastic submissions from all around the world, and after choosing our favorites it's now your turn to vote.

UGC: Halloween Weapon Voting

Head over to our official forums to view the twelve finalist and vote on your favorite submission! The top three will receive their choice of a limited edition Halloween weapon variant.

Event: Halloween Weapon Contest

Voting Ends: Monday, November 14th 6:00 AM EST [3:00 AM PST]

Location: Official Forums [Europe]* - Vote Here!

*Please Note: While the vote is taking place on the European forum, all entries submitted that followed the Official Rules were eligible to be chosen as a finalist. The central poll is to keep all the votes and comments consolidated in one place, but includes entries from both regions

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