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November - Hall of Fame

Announcing our Player of the Month - Medibee!

Each month in Ghost Recon Online we recognize outstanding players who have made the GRO community a great place to belong. This month we have chosen to honor long-time player and master of the forums Medibee. An upstanding community citizen Medibee has helped forge friendly relationships with members of the forum-space, participated in hundreds of poignant game discussions, and a skilled GRO player to boot.  We interviewed Medibee and discussed just why he was so awesome! Read below.

Name: Medibee

Favorite Activity:
I love looking and learning about space and all of its expansive brilliance. And GRO.

Favorite Class:
Assault, watching invisible recons scatter like rats when they are being microwaved is amazing.

Claim to Fame:
The secret "ubermensch" roll I developed. It allows you dodge cloth monster shots and impact nades. WITH STYLE!

In your own words, why are you so awesome?: 
I can make coffee in under 10 minuets. Beat that chem.

What do you love about Ghost Recon Online?: 
I love how in Ghost Recon Online's you have to be smart. Running ahead will get you killed 100% of the time. The way that every guns are not super fast, insta-kill, zero recoil weapons puts it miles ahead of most games. 
The fact that the game is not Pay 2 Win also makes it the best F2P game I have ever played. This is the only game that I have spent money on so that I could give the dev team money [editors note: Thanks!]. The amazing blend of great game play and an amazing community makes this one of the best games ever made, I love it. It just makes me mad that more people don't play. Also the lack of crossbows.

I blame carbonite for creating the GRO wiki and being a cool dude. Also Buck. And the rest of the amazing people at the forums.

As a parting gift and as an expression of love for space-exploration in general, Medibee has asked that you view this awesome video.

Thanks Medibee for taking time to complete our interview and thanks for continuing to be an awesome member of the community. 

-The Ghost Recon Online Team

If you know someone who you feel should be player of the month let us know! Send a message to ChemZero or RookFell and let us know why you've chosen this person.

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