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Patch Notes 0.10.0

Latest Patch Notes v.0.10.0
Key Changes
Friendly Clan Matches! - Your clan versus another clan of your choice, with 4 to 8 players per team.
New Holdout game mode - Hold the point when time expires to win. Of course in GRO it wouldn't be a game mode without...
New Balaklava Sub Pen Map - Hold the point as time ticks down in this abandoned submarine base.
Triton Packs - Triton helmets, armors and weapons and are now available for purchase in the store.

Community feedback changes (we are listening!)
We’ve added a new Very Low setting to improve the experience for lower end machines.  If you have been struggling with performance, try it out! Full details under Performance.
We have reduced Assault Rifle hip fire accuracy and slightly increased time to get fully accurate in a snap shoot. The SAR-21 C ROF has been reduced while the SAR-21 ROF increased. Full details on weapon balances under Weapon/Device Tuning.
Fixed and improved a number of cover issues, some of which were first identified on the GRO forums. See Bug Fixes below for details.
Made two adjustments in Markov Station map, to address places where even good teams were getting stuck:
It was too difficult to attack point D after taking C. We knocked the window out of the end of the train to neutralize the camping spot under the window.

On the tracks-side of C, an attacker could camp on the tracks to the right of the stairs to prevent the team coming from B to be able to make a push. We pulled the train out of the tunnel to limit how far you can go up the tracks.

Added ability to keep bolt-action sniper rifles in scope after firing, if you hold the fire button down.

Friendly Clan Matches
Enjoy unranked custom clan match with your own clan players against another clan players.
Players can now choose this new game mode in selection menu “CLAN MATCH”, alongside the existing "MATCHMAKING" mode. 
All clan players are able to create an unranked clan match, then invite your opponents or clan players. (invite only) 
Uneven teams in matches are possible.
The match setting supports your choice of map for now. Game mode or settings belong to the map you choose.
Clan match supports “REJOIN” function so you can continue the match after any client disconnections.
You earn a percentage of the normal XP/RP from friendly clan matches, currently set to 35%. 
No qualification, medals, daily mission, loot, personal stats, 
Weapon proficiency is still working.
Ranked clan match and clan leaderboard will be coming soon.

New Holdout Game Mode
The goal of the game is to own the point when time expires.
The round time is shorter than other modes, three and a half minutes.
Consist of 3 rounds per match.

Gameplay Changes
Overtime system overhaul to promote balance, and to reward the best team skill:
Unlimited overtimes per round (formerly, only 1 overtime could be triggered per match).
Overtime is now a separate timer from the game clock, so any extra time left on OT(overtime) clock when you capture the point will not be added to the game clock.
The shorter Holdout game mode was the impetus to make these changes now, but they apply to all game modes.

A new “Very Low” configuration has been added to the Video Setting.
A list of unsupported graphic cards has been added. Any players with unsupported graphic cards will be running the game in low shaders mode. This is because these graphic cards do not have sufficient memory to load all the shaders in the game.The current list of cards includes all ATI Radeon X1300, X1550, X1600 and X1650 series.
We found a bug in our graphic card detection that caused some High end AMD card to be wrongly detected as low end. This has been updated to be more accurate. If you experience red textures before and your card is not in the unsupported card model (see previous note), follow these steps to recover from this bug:
Ensure that the game is not running
Go to the game directory where you installed the game to (Default is C:\Ubisoft\Ghost Recon Online\)
Delete the “GraphicSettings.ini” file
Start the game client
This will reset the saved graphic settings and allow the auto detection to detect the correct settings for your computer.
The HUD rendering and algorithm have been optimized.
Some frantic memory allocation from the game client has been reduced.
Improved how shader loading is being handled by using background thread.

Weapon/Device tuning 
Design intention: The M27 has been shown to be underperforming relative to the other tier 0 weapons. This is from both comments by players and from the game data. The problem is when faced with heavier armors, the M27 has very poor stopping power and that makes it a very challenging weapon to use for a beginner’s gun.
Summary: Significantly increased damage per shot for the M27 while lowering ROF, thus keeping DPS roughly unchanged. 

Actual changes: 
· Changed the following damage:
o M27 damage range from 31-34 to 36-39
· Reduced ROF range from 700-900 to 600-700: M27GI from 700 to 600, M27C from 900 to 700, D10RS from 700 to 600, D20 from 700 to 600 

Design intentions: There have been complaints about assault rifles snap shooting, where a player pops out of cover and has immediate high accuracy. This problem is caused by having a very small hip fire bloom, which means the player has nearly full accuracy at the get go.
Summary: Reduced assault rifle hip fire accuracy and slightly increased time to get fully accurate in a snap shoot.

Actual changes: 
AR weapon class 
· Reticle min radius from 10 to 20 to reduce hipfire accuracy
· Reticle ironsight multiplier min from 0.25 to 0.125 to preserve ironsight accuracy

Design intentions: Due to a bug in the data input tool, a number of collapsible/foldable stocks have 0 ready time increases, causing them to be faster than designed. The stocks need to be standardized for a more consistent gameplay experience.
Summary: Standardize collapsible/foldable stock ready times.
Actual changes: 
Changed all collapsible/foldable stock ready times to the following:
· Animation ready weapon rush to stop: add 0.15
· Animation ready weapon stop to rush: add 0.075
· Under the UI, it should say +0.15 weapon ready time for the affected stocks.

Design intentions: Some of the original values for barrel attachments were found to be inconsistent. This is a bug, where some muzzle brakes increased ready time more than silencers, and some flash suppressors effectively added no ready time. A new sequence of ready times has been laid out to make their weapon up performance more consistent.
Summary: Standardize barrel attachment ready times. 

Actual changes:
Standardized barrel attachment ready times:
· Flash suppressor: +0.05 secs
· Muzzle brake: +0.1 secs
· Silencers: +0.15 secs

Design intentions: The SAR-21 C has been the subject of multiple complaints that its overpowered, and the data supports the view. From a design standpoint, the gap between the SAR-21C and the SAR-21 fire rates is too great, such that there is little reason to get the other variants.
Summary: Reduced SAR-21 C ROF while increasing SAR-21 ROF.

Actual Changes:
· Reduced ROF range from 450-800 to 550-700: SAR-21C from 800 to 700. SAR-21 from 450 to 550 

Design intentions: As a team passive, the Gunshot Detector of the Recon is underrepresented. The current ranges of 30-40 are too limited considering the average engagement distances in game. That makes for a poor support device. Increasing the range will make it a much better support. 
N.B. Silenced shots will still remain hidden when fired within the detection range of Gunshot Detector. All other shots will reveal the position of the shooter.
Summary: Increase range of gunshot detector.

Actual changes: 
· Changed gunfire detector from 30,40 to 50,75

Armor tuning
Design intention: Problems have been reported of high tier Hermes Recons running at near Blitz speed and overall this contributes to a more run ‘n gun character to the high tier game. Moreover, it greatly reduces the usefulness of the Titan armor range.
Summary: Armor speed difference spreads have been reduced. Even small differences in speeds have been shown to have major impacts on gameplay, so narrowing the speed gap for now will allow room for growth in future armor tiers.
Actual Changes:
Titan 1             50 to 49
Titan 2             48 to 48
Titan 3             48 to 47
Titan 4             46 to 46
Hermes 1        60 to 54
Hermes 2        66 to 55
Hermes 3        70 to 56
Hermes 4        72 to 57
Titan 1             46 to 46
Titan 2             44 to 45
Titan 3             40 to 44
Titan 4             36 to 43
Hermes 1         52 to 51
Hermes 2         54 to 51
Hermes 3         56 to 52
Hermes 4         56 to 53
Titan 1             48 to 48
Titan 2             46 to 47
Titan 3             44 to 46
Titan 4             40 to 45
Hermes 1        56 to 52
Hermes 2        60 to 53
Hermes 3        62 to 54
Hermes 4        64 to 55

Triton Pack
Accompanying the release of Balaklava Sub Pen, players may now purchase Triton helmets, armors and weapons that can be used in Balaklava Sub Pen as well as in all previously released maps.
6 class specific Triton bundle packs are now available for purchase in the store. Each pack contains a class specific helmet and a class specific Hermes or Titan armor.
The Triton avatar pack which contains 6 unique avatars is now available for purchase in the store.

Daily Challenges
Daily Victory requirement changed from “Win 1 round” to “Win 1 match”. Reward is also increased to 500RP.
Solo and fireteam challenges have been replaced with new ones.
Solo and fireteam challenges now awards RP instead of items.

Player Reporting
We have removed the free entry from the player reporting Interface. Players can now choose player names from last played match or current match.
New reporting limit: Players can report a player once in an hour and can report up to a limit of 5 different players per hour.

Bug Fixes 
Tweaked prone cover animation curve to expose player slightly more (a subtle change, but will address some cases where player could shoot without exposing themselves to a reasonable level of risk).
 Fixed a bug where the cover peek was sometimes incorrect if you changed stances in a certain sequence while in cover.
"15 degree fix" fixed a number of covers that caused the player to "catch" on the wall shortly after small angle changes. Mostly in "out-of-the way" places, but cover should feel generally smoother without players getting stuck. 
Fixed sensitive cover detection that sometimes cause player to take cover using cover that is right beside him, instead of in front of him.
Improved cover transition from slopes to leveled ground.
Improve in-cover movements while in stairs, escalators, and slopes.
Fixed the wrong shotgun’s reload time that is displayed in the store interface.
Fixed grenade quantity which does not match in the inventory after a player throws them during warm up time.
Some LD tweaks to fix specific places where players could peek out and shoot without exposing themselves to fire. For example, Chertanovo C point, coming from D, the long room on the left ... formerly players could prone-peek around the door for near-invulnerable flank-guarding. 
Fixed prone detection that currently causes inconsistency in changing stance (one sample of this is, when trying to go prone while crouching, if it fails,  the current situation will actually force player to stand).
"Floating grenade" fixed a bug where players could lose a grenade (without it exploding) if they were blackout while releasing that grenade. The new behavior is, upon failing to throw a grenade due to heat or blackout, player will drop the grenade. This only occurs if the failure happens during the throwing animation. 
Fixed the hit detection when a team mate stands in between the camera and the player's character - when firing from the hip (not in ironsights) a squad mate standing right behind you could block your bullets.
Fixed a bug where players were able to skip standing-to-crouch and crouch-to-standing animation in cover, by spamming the crouch key (and as an exploit, could use this to pre-aim in some places).
Fixed issue where if players re-detected someone  with Oracle within 5 seconds, the timer that determines whether you the get Oracle assist would not reset (and so the player might miss an assist that is rightfully earned).
Fixed issue with oracle outlines not showing when player is in scope mode.
Fixed unintentional weapon firing when player taps on fire button and sprints out of cover.

Known Issues
The game client sometimes stalls while in the loading screen or may show corrupted textures. A restart of the game client is required if these are encountered.
All multi-lettered keys in the options menu are displayed as a single letter when bound to functions.
The launcher might be unable to connect after changing to Polish language in the launcher. If this is encountered, the user will have to do an uninstallation and reinstall to resolve this.
Melee damage will show up as multiple damage in the damage log screen.
In very rare cases for larger patches, users will experience longer times when downloading these files. 
If the inventory is full, players will be unable to unequip grenades while in the lobby or in-game, even if there is a current stack of the same type of grenades in their inventory.
The amount of XP and RP received in-game doesn't appear on Match Results after aborting the game at the beginning of the round.
Internet Explorer 64-bit users might experience an error message with the web plug-in updater during installation.
There is inconsistent behaviour for energy lost for cloaked recons
For Windows XP users if the control panel freezes for a long time (>15mins) during un-installation of the game, please uninstall directly from the launcher.

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