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The latest news and updates, straight from the Ghost Recon Online Development Team.

Throughout the week, our developers have taken the time to answer questions regarding recent changes and respond to feedback from our players. To ensure that all members of the Community have a chance to read them, we have compiled a list of all posts throughout the week, with a couple of highlights below. 

This week, Senior Game Designer Noviwan and Game Designer Dracofilia answer questions regarding weapon stats, devices, post-match rewards, and more!

Top Issues:

Weapon Stats

Game Designer DracoFilia goes into more detail on adjustments and to weapon stats. The Accuracy Stat recently saw an adjustment to the formula  stretching out the spreads to make it easier to differentiate the accuracy in shotguns, sniper rifles, and assault rifles. There was no massive rebalance across the board to accuracy, though players may have seen an decrease in the accuracy stat as a result of this change.

From Ninja Nerf?!

Additionally, DracoFilia explains that handling does not equate to a weapon's spread recovery rate. Handling is the inverse of the stat previously known as "recoil" - as documented in the 0.9.1 Patch Notes, this change was made so that "bigger is better" holds true for all stats - any increase in a stat is a good thing. Handling and a weapon's recovery spread are correlated, but it's not a perfect correlation. 

From Please explain the Stats, Question: What is wrong with snipers?


DracoFilia and Noviwan share updates regarding recent bugs found with Oracle. The recent change to the Blitz activation time [which makes it harder for players to accidently deactive it] seems to unfortunately impact Oracle as well, which is an unintended result. While this is being looked into, players should be aware that theyr tap time will be slower than expected. Additionally, it is a known issue that when using Oracle in ironsights [down the scope], players will hear Oracle detection without seeing the outline of their opponent.

From What is this?!, Is there something adding to Oracle stealth that I should be aware of?

Noviwan also discusses possible changes to the Assault's Blitz, as it is currently underperforming in comparison to other devices. 

From Blitz!

GRO's Reward System

In response to a players complaints that there is too little reward for watching the flank, Noviwan discusses the problem with detect flank-guard kills, specifically with Conquest. It's a discussion the developers have had before, but they are open to player suggestions!

From No Glory in Watching the Flank 

Noviwan also clarifies how the post-match reward system works, and that is a combination of time+score. Giving a reward for time spent in the match is a bonus for staying until the end, even for the losing team. The bonus score at the end of the round is how the winning team gets the bigger share of the pot. 

From Reward System Based on Points

Complete List


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Security Breach!

How does the map weights work?

What I think of your game!!!


Is there something that adds to Oracle stealth that I'm not aware of?

What I think about you and your "Hackusations". 



Question: What is wrong with Snipers? 


Please Explain the Stats

I Need LMG Advice

What is this?! [Oracle Activation Time]


New AE Weapons


New AE Weapons

No Glory in Watching the Flanks

Reward System Based on Points

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