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Holiday Pack!

Increased loot drop, Free weekly gifts, Difficult Missions and other awesome holiday activities just for you!
The wonderful holiday season is upon us! In celebration of these festive times and the release of patch 0.9.2 we are going to shower the battlefield with holiday goodies, that are sure to blow things, or Ghosts, a very merry way. 

Check out what’s in store for this holiday season:

Loot Drop Increased +50% - That’s right, we have increased the drop rates on all common, rare and legendary boxes.  We have also fancily decorated these boxes for your aesthetic pleasure. Enjoy this loot bonus throughout the month of December! 

FREE Weekly Gifts -  We will be distributing FREE gifts directly to your inventory every Wednesday after maintenance! These gift boxes will include Avatars, inserts, weapons and more!  The boxes may look like normal loot boxes, so keep your eyes open. 

[Update 12/17] - Due to a slight script error, these gifts were not being distributed properly to player inventories. As a result, the weekly gifts will be distributed to player inventories on 1/9/2013. Players who log in at least once per week during the period of (12/5 -12/31) will receive all their gifts at this time. We apologize for the inconvenience and hope that you continue to have a happy GRO holiday!

On top of these awesome additions, we will also be offering some great Holiday gear in our store, including:

Jingle and Jangle Grenades - You will hear tinkling sounds when this grenade is thrown and you'll also hear egg timer sounds just before it explodes. We guarantee a devastatingly joyful blast before your opponents can say "ho ho ho!"
Devices - While the Aegis and Blitz devices are active, you'll hear the tune of "Jingle Bells" and "Sleigh Bells" playing.  The Oracle device on the other hand, plays a bell note at each ping when triggered. 
Holiday Armor Inserts - Festive Santa, Frosty and Elf inserts. These will make your armor that much cooler.
Holiday Mystery Boxes - These boxes come in the (small) and (large) variety and have a chance to drop Arctic helmets, Arctic Weapons, Antique Edition gear and more! 

Last but not least, we’re reintroducing weekly events! There will be (3) weekly challenges every week during the month of December. These challenges will appear every Saturday, Sunday and Monday. You will have until January 4th to complete all the missions and collect the awesome rewards! For more information about the new weekly missions keep an eye on our community page!

We've had more than a year of fun, happiness, and surprises and we wish to have more with you all.

Merry Christmas everyone! See you in-game!

The Ghost Recon Online Team

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