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Russian Standard - Clan of the Month

The clan Russian Standard brings new meaning to respectfully shooting someone in the face.

Each month in Ghost Recon Online we recognize outstanding members of our community, but what would any MMOFPS be without its clans as well? That's why we're excited to introduce our first ever "Clan of the Month" to our hall of fame, Russian Standard.  Lead by the ever-present XxSTALKERxX this month old clan is helping usher in an era of friendly clan vs. clan competition by utilizing their skills to dominate on the battlefield, respectfully. We interviewed the clan leader XxSTALKERxX about why his clan is so great and why other clans should be afraid, very afraid.

Clan Name: Russian Standard

Active Members: 31 

What are you, as a clan, excited for in the future?
First of we definitely want to see RUS grow as this game progresses. That being said we are psyched for the clan vs clan battles. When I browse our forums and even when I Clan Fire-team I can feel the energy and excitement building for the release of the next clan installment. We didn't start out like many other clans did, so we had a harsh learning curve in learning more about the tactics from other players, new tricks from clan mates, recruiting and making long term investments into new players. But in day 35 our confidence keeps growing as we fine tune the details.

Just like many others we would love to see new content, (Russian weapons especially  ) ,who doesn't like new maps and new themed items .We love seeing GRO grow each day, were seeing fresh faces every day, and we want to be active participants in the life of GRO. This game has been remarkable since day one, even with OP Pentagun in CB2, the devs are molding the best F2P tactical shooter in the world, even tho we may not always agree on what they do but they do one heck of a good job putting this game together. 


In their own words why does your clan feel that they're awesome?
Being in a clan in general, wearing the RUS tag proudly and sharing many battles with the comrades. Always helping each other out, sharing tips, tricks to improve each other’s game play. 

We love a good fight, no dog is too big or too small for us. What I love about this group of players is that it doesn't matter if you’re having a highlight game or you are shedding tears because every time you get out of cover you get killed, the team is always there to pick you up. The level of teammate support is so high that you immediately shake off your death streak and you are back in the game. It’s amazing to see how a small bunch of players that started out of CBT grew into a competitive bunch that we are today. 

Personally I love the high activity of the clan, there is always someone to fire-team with always someone to share the moments on the battle field as you are trying to capture the point among all of the grenades and bullets whizzing by. Always Classy never Trashy and always Have a nice day mentality brought us here. On behalf of RUS I would like to thank all the DEVS, GMs, CMs and fellow players for making GRO what it is today

Claim to Fame:
Active clan containing members that have been playing since Closed Beta. All-around group of nice people who are more than willing to kick your ass.

To get a better idea of why Russian Standard is such a bad ass clan, watch their trailer below:



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Thanks to XxSTALKERxX and the entire Russian Standard clan for taking the time to answer our questions and for helping continue to make the Ghost Recon Online community stronger every day.

-The Ghost Recon Online Team

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