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Matchmaking Changes in 0.9.2

Share your feedback regarding the recent changes to the Matchmaking System. 

Alongside changes to weapon balance and bug fixes, and the inclusion of the Holiday Pack, our recent game update included adjustments to help reduce wait times in the matchmaking queue. 

Our goal was simple: Reduce the time it took for players to find matches, and to eliminate timeout while in the queue entirely. As a result of Community feedback and our own monitoring of queue times, we've changed certain matchmaking variables to reduce the amount of time a player needs to wait for a match. This includes adjustments to skill-based restrictions and to the amount of players necessary to trigger a match start. 

As a result, we would once again like to ask our Community for information and feedback regarding these recent changes: 
  • Average Time Spent Waiting in Queue Post Game Update 0.9.2 [Released December 5th, 2012]
  • Amount of Players per Match 
  • Quality of Matches Played 
  • Any Other Matchmaking Feedback 
You can share your responses with us, here: 

We want you to know that this is still a work in progress, which is why we will continue to make adjustments to the Matchmaking System as necessary  This is merely another step towards making sure everyone playing Ghost Recon Online has an enjoyable and competitive experience.  For a complete list of changes in the recent update, please check out the: Game Update 0.9.2 Patch Notes

Thank you, 
The Ghost Recon Online Team 

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