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The latest news and updates, straight from the Ghost Recon Online Development Team. 

Throughout the week, our developers have taken the time to answer questions regarding recent changes and respond to feedback from our players. To ensure that all members of the Community have a chance to read them, we have compiled a list of all posts throughout the week, with a couple of highlights below. 

This week, Senior Game Designer Noviwan and Game Designer Dracofilia answer questions current exploits, weapon stats, and more!

Top Issues:

Counter Sniping by Bouncing Up and Down / "Elbow Glitching"

Noviwan address two common exploits discovered by our players, and how the developers plan to address them in upcoming patches. 

A fix has already been discovered for the issue where players would quickly move from the crouch/stand positions when in certain areas of cover, allowing them to effectively "pop shot". The cutoff for 0.9.2 was missed, so players should expect this to be implemented in the next build. 

Unfortunately, "elbow glitching" [where players position themselves at an angle where they have a clear shot, but only partially expose themselves to their opponents] is a more complicated issue, requiring adjustments to the shooting-pose [and all related] animations. The developers are aware of this issue and are working to fix it, but also encourage players to share screenshots of known hotspots, since the more known locations the better our development team can check that when a solution is implemented, it's optimal.

We encourage players to avoid using these exploits as they are detrimental to gameplay. Appropriate action will be taken if they are abused. 

From Counter Sniping by Bouncing Up and Down, Elbow Glitching

Max Crit %

DracoFilia explains that players will not get max crit % when aiming down the sights while out of cover, because crit is distributed according to a curve that's linked to a player's reticle size. However,  there is also a bug which prevents players from reaching the hypothetical max % with Light Machine Guns [LMGs] and Handguns [HG] when out of cover, which will be fixed in the next Game Update [0.10.0]. 

From Well what do you think? -New Patch Notes-

Complete List


New SVD AE Stats


Hardened Armor [Squad Support and Range]

Counter Sniping by Bouncing up and Down


Recon Overpowered? Thoughts? 

Balance on Chertanovo [Level Design and Tweaks]

Elbow Glitching


Elbow Glitching


New Patch Notes [Max Crit%] 

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Week of: November 20th - 28th

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