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The latest news and updates, straight from the Ghost Recon Online Development Team. 

Throughout the week, our developers have taken the time to answer questions regarding recent changes and respond to feedback from our players. To ensure that all members of the Community have a chance to read them, we have compiled a list of all posts throughout the week, with a couple of highlights below. 

Developer forum activity


[Much Thanks and Appreciation to All]

[There needs to be a Vote Kick Option]

[new maps]

[Problems using "Hold To Stay In Cover" and player falling through world on Markov]

[There needs to be a Vote Kick Option]

[There needs to be a Vote Kick Option]

[Priority 0: Fix Matchmaking or Implement Something That Doesn't Suck.]

[Crit level/weapon proficiency needs to be removed!]

[Crit level/weapon proficiency needs to be removed!]


[Is an NA version of Clan League coming anytime soon?]

[Ideas that would really improve the game.]

[Snipers that think there good getting kills while they "Dance" behind cover] 

[What do you do when you die?]

[Graphics since the patch]

[[Official] Clan Match Feedback]

[Please help me to calculate de weapon stats...]

[Best out of 3?]

[Hi-Res Maps]

[Please Dev can you make a Conquest version of the new Sub map]

[Asian invasion! TEH LAGGS IS BADD!]

[Three things they gotta fix...]


[Balaklava Sub Pen - How do you like it?]


[we need a peer review system]

[Option to disable/ remove / change new overtime sound]

[Snipe in Markov Station is kind of a....challenge.]

[Map "ROTATION"???]

[[Feedback] Clan feedback for 0.10.0]

[New Countdown timer sounds are annoying]

[Graphics since the patch]

[Oke cya]

[ETA for weapon flinch fix?]

[Map ever going to cycle?]

[Please Devs can you fix the Unlimted Que of the New Sub map!!!]

[Balaklava Sub Pen - How do you like it?]

Previous Entries

Month of: December 2012

Week of: November 30th - December 7th

Week of: November 20th - 28th

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