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How to gather information about your configuration?


Our Technical Support may request your system files in order to diagnose and troubleshoot an issue. The system files are a snapshot of your computer’s hardware and software configuration that we review in order to resolve your issue quickly and effectively.
To create the system files we use a tool called “San-Tool”.  With a few click you will be able to create a complete Dxdiag (list of hardware and drivers) and MS info (list of software crashes) for your configuration. The software will only gather information about your configuration. No personal information will be gathered.

In most of our technical FAQs you will find a link to download San-tool.

You can download San-Tool from HERE

Once you have clicked on the link and save the San-tool you will have to double click on the icon to launch the software:

Sant-tool icon []

1. Each time you launch San-Tool you will have a Windows alert saying that the “Publisher could not be verified”. Do not worry, the tool will not cause any damage to your computer, it’s a common alert for third party software, just click on “Run” to launch the process.

xxxxa - Sant-tool []
2. You will be able to choose the language of the tool

xxxxb - Sant-tool []
3. Click on “Gathering Information” to start the process and click on “Accept” to enable to the use of Windows tool to gather the information about your configuration
xxxxc - Sant-tool [] xxxxd - Sant-tool []
4. I could take from 5 to 10 minutes before the gathering process is over. Please wait until the process is over.

xxxxe - Sant-tool []
5. Once the process is over a zip file will be created on your desktop named “”.

xxxxf - Sant-tool []
Please insert the “” file as an attachment to your incident each time you contact the Customer Support for a technical issue.


If you do not wish to use the software or encounter an issue while using it, please follow the following procedures to create your Dxdiag and MsInfo files:


To create your Dxdiag file please:

    - Hold down the Windows key + the letter R
    - This should bring up the ‘Run’ box
    - In the box type dxdiag and press "Enter"
    - This will bring up a windows call "DirectX diagnostic tool"
    - Click on "Save all information" and save the "Dxdiag.txt" on your desktop


To create your Msinfo file please:

    - Hold down the Windows key + the letter R
    - This should bring up the ‘Run’ box
    - In the box type msinfo32 and press ‘Enter
    - This should bring up a window called System Information
    - Then, go to File and choose ‘Export
    - From here, ‘Export’ the information as a .txt file and save it to your Desktop

Once you have the dxdiag.txt and  msinfo.txt files please attach them to your incident.

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