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Capturing Authenticity

Have you ever wondered what goes into a motion capture session? Here’s your opportunity to dive into making Ghost Recon Future Soldier’s in-game animations, based on the performances of former Navy Seals:



Military CONSULTANT – G. DAWSON: “The approach in the game is definitely in line with the spirit of Special Forces. You approach a situation, gather intel, communicate with your team, and then make a strategic strike. There is no need to waste bullets or draw attention to yourself or the team. That would be foolish and dangerous. Of course, the technology you have in the game really helps you execute this type of attack! One thing you have to remember about being in special operations - you are always outnumbered. The only thing you have on your side is surprise, speed, and violence of action. Synchronizing an attack is one way of overwhelming an enemy and appearing like a far larger force than you actually are.”




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