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Red Storm is back

Brought to you by the team who invented Clancy games and created Ghost Recon, Ghost Recon Future Soldier delivers a complete, state of the art multiplayer experience.

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Choose your class

Pick up your favorite role: Rifleman, Engineer or Scout, and join a squad of players where each skill set is needed for victory.

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10 maps, all around the world

From the dusty plains of Africa to industrial compounds , fight in shadow war hotspots across the globe.

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Take cover, gather Intel, move fast.

Use the new suppression system to pin your enemies down while your teammates flank them. Gather Intel on your enemies’ positions and share it with your teammates.

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4 game modes, 12 players

4 game modes focused on objectives and cooperation, including new exclusives game modes and GR’s classic Siege mode. Play with up to 12 players in 6Vs6 matches for an intense online experience.

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Guerilla: endure to survive, survive to win.

4 vs. hundreds combat mode, inspired by real-life U.S Army counter-insurgency techniques. Enter, capture and protect a target area against countless enemies. Play cooperatively online with up to 3 friends, or play on the same console & TV with 2 player splitscreen mode.

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